Sunday, July 12, 2009

Losing a clear sense of direction

I admit it, is has taken me about 2 years to regain a sense of direction living in Auckland. If you look at a map of it (go ahead and google it!), you can see there are several inlets, bays and beaches and Auckland curves up and down, back and forth around all over the place.

I drive northeast from home to work, but there isn't much of a direct route. I have to cross a bridge or two and it is a very scenic and a nice drive if you can avoid the morons who like to cut me off. My morning thought bubble: "HEY... I'm driving here you idiot! If you're going to pull in front of me, speed up already... s&&t" ... ok, lets turn the radio up and sing along to avoid road raging! (... that's better)

Chicago is a very directional city. If you know where lake Michigan is, you can easily figure out which way you are going E, W, N or South. Since we lived north of the city, driving north usually meant going home. Since Wisconsin is north of us, driving further north meant a fun destination - camping or some other country outing in WI or visiting friends, relatives.

Something happened though - however, after 2 years I finally can pretty much tell which direction I am driving now! Something just clicked. We've taken a few day trips out of Auckland, driven around the city a lot with my GPS telling me where to go and now... I have a sense of direction again.

Will America regain her sense of direction?

From what I've been reading and researching online, I think many conservatives in America have been probably feeling a bit lost lately, too, especially after the last American election.

The march-to-dictatorship-policies (in my own opinion as an observer in the S. Pacific) are coming at people so fast and furious now... people feel lost.

The current administration purposefully keeps one crisis after another coming at the people: they want you to be fearful and feel lost - so when all of their horrible policies are implemented and the depression and recession tanks into oblivion, people will feel so despondant, they may then lose their will to fight and say "OK, I'll work and give everything to the government (high taxes, forced volunteerism etc etc) ... as long as you protect me from the next CRISIS... I can't take any more of THAT!"

So what is the new "American manifesto"? Good commentary here: where Levant opines near the end about people accepting the destruction of America and American values:

"Welcome to your cool natural utopia. Sorry to say it wasn't the invention of Mother Earth's butterflies and fairies, but rather think tanks, politicians, international elites and royalty, central bankers, and the world's richest industrialists and CEOs."

I used to feel I knew which direction America was headed but I don't any more. Hopefully leaders like Sarah Palin (and others) can rise up and show Americans a better course. Otherwise, the sense of direction may be permanently lost and the republic along with it.

... but maybe, after some time, people will start to feel like they know which way to go finally.... just maybe.

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