Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No dill pickles

I am kinda bummed because I can't find any store in Auckland which sells chilled, crispy dill pickles like the 'Clausen' brand Chicago stores have. I will keep searching. I am jonesin' for some crispy Clausen dills. Other Chicago foods I miss:

  • Oberweiss ice cream
  • Potato soup from Houlihan's
  • IHOP biscuits and gravy
OK, yes, I know - these are sooo bad for me and best left in Chicago.

Alas, food in NZ well, in fact.... it is all pretty darn good actually. I have had some delicious fresh seafood, yummy and satisfying indian cuisine and addictive chinese take out (called "take away" here). About an hour away an American and his kiwi wife run a great little authentic Mexican place (Ole!). I also confess we found a Denny's when we really need the 'ol American comfort food.

A lot of meals in NZ can be called "Tea".

  • Breakfast - "brekkie"
  • 10:30am coffee break - "morning tea" (a popular time for little work party breaks)
  • Lunch - is called "lunch" here
  • 3:00pm coffee break - "afternoon tea"
  • Dinner - "tea"
"Are you coming for tea"? is usually asking if one is coming over for dinner.

Sometimes we even drink tea, too.

Typical "on the go" breakfast in Chicago or NY might be coffee and a bagel. On a morning NZ drive to work, you might stop at a petrol station but there are no donuts or bagels. Instead, you can have a hot meat pie (like a small American pot pie but usually no veggies just meat).

Also, this is very important: be specific if you want any form of cooked potato in NZ.

  • Hot french fries are "chips"
  • Potato chips are "crisps"
Hopefully I can find a dill pickle brand here, but I'm pretty sure I won't starve.

Image courtesy of Kraft


  1. Skazka in Kingdon Street, Newmarket has dill pickles from Russia. They are just how you like them, crisp and crunchy.

  2. HEY, great to know... I'll definitely have to go there and try these. Thanks for the tip! :)