Saturday, July 25, 2009

Angry sheepdog plays video games

I was sooo angry on my way home just mulling over all the BHO crap going on in the USA. I was having a little tet a tet with one of my cousins Facebook friends about the health care aka socialized medicine fiasco. I made a comment "BHO is illegal and must go" and of course my 'opponent' called my comment outrageous and that I of course must be a wingnut.

This response was TYPICAL 'PROGRESSIVE' bull doody. I responded calmly my opinion is based on research, legal analysis of courts cases and I gave a link to Mario Apuzzo's case. There is a lot of information on Mario's site and his first trial date is to be in a few days on Aug 3, 2009. His case looks verrrry interesting, but I digress. After supplying this link, I further calmly suggested he take a look at the legalities of the constitution and the 'natural born citizen' requirement. The response, a couple hours later was "I'm not in the legal profession". So, in summary I think I won that point, don't you?

Since last Oct '08, I have avidly been reading EVERYthing I can, mostly online, about American politics and the huge MESS America is in right now. I avoid the mainstream media but have watched a few tidbits on Fox. In NZ we have Fox News and CNN so both sides covered supposedly. I don't rely on MSM any more at all and I feel more informed now than I ever have in my entire life.

All this knowledge, however, has led me to really feel angry mostly because I see a huge contingent of a**holes bent on destroying America, the land of the free, home of the brave and a country I loved while I lived there and STILL love!

Most of my life, probably from my parents wisdom (?), it was "not nice" to debate or discuss religion and politics.

B**s&&T I say. To hell with political correctness!! From a Moonbattery op ed May-09:

Five Reasons Political Correctness Must Die
1) It's censorship
2) It's bigotry disguised as manners
3) It's an attempt at mind control
4) Evil
5) Why should we do what some faceless creeps tell us?

Click HERE to read full piece

I say RIGHT ON! When appropriate, I vow to speak up when I see injustices. Why tolerate idiocy? The biggest injustice on the planet right now is the faux POTUS of the USA.

Wake up, get informed, do your research and get back to me with what will YOU be doing to save America... I am speaking out about it as a start.

But today, for now, I'm cooling out by playing video games... soothes one angry sheepdog!

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