Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It is all her fault

What happened to accountability for one's own actions?

Today I just wanted to rant about a still unresolved, current murder trial and the newspaper coverage.

This case has been going on here in NZ the last couple weeks. An evil guy stabbed his ‘girlfriend’ 216 times. He was interrupted by her mother opening the door to her room while it was happening. He closed and then locked the door. Police were called and arrested him at the scene.
Here is the infuriating part: he has pled not guilty to murder and has blamed the victim for her death.

The first article which got my goat was from July 8th and included details:

”Weatherston, 33, has admitted stabbing or cutting his ex girlfriend and student Sophie Elliott 216 times on January 9 last year. However, the former Otago University economics lecture denies murder, arguing he lost control after being provoked by Miss Elliott, 22, with whom he had had a tumultuous relationship.”


Is it just me or does anyone else have a problem with this bizarre defense? She “provoked him” into killing her? So he’s not to blame at all, it is all her fault. Excuse me? No matter what she may have said to anger this guy, if he so was upset, why not just walk away, leave and never speak to her again?

And now, from today’s paper July 14th:

“The former Otago University economics lecturer told a High Court jury in Christchurch he remembered Sophie Elliott coming at him with the scissors, losing his glasses and falling over her, and then standing or kneeling over her with the scissors in his possession.”

Funny thing is about this though... from what I have read, and can confirm in current trial photos of him, he did not have any injuries when arrested.

The paper has run several stories from the killer’s perspective the last few days.

Who speaks for the girl who was murdered?

I find this whole case absurd. The mother witnessed the guy, who had exhibited past strange behaviours, in the process of stabbing her daughter. The man had no injuries. Umm, why isn’t this “case closed”?

I find the sensationalism a tad outrageous by the newspaper. They seem to be gleefully promoting this killer’s unbelievably goofy defense strategy. If I was her family and friends, I would really be upset.

On the other hand ... maybe he is really is the true victim ...even though he is fine, walking around... and sustained no serious injuries.

After 216 stabs... she is dead.

Yep, all her fault...

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