Monday, July 27, 2009

NZ mourns her loss

NZ will miss you, Sophie...

A quick follow up to a post I did 14-July-09 complaining about a recent murder trial this winter in NZ. Clayton Weatherston was found guilty of stabbing Sophie Elliott to death.

His defense of provocation did not work. The newspapers finally put out some very nice articles about the loss of Sophie. Really, the whole country mourned the loss of this bright, young lady. She is graduating, post mortem and some of her papers are being published.

Justice was served up and Clayton is off to jail awaiting his final sentencing. ...Alas, NZ does not have the death penalty though... too bad.

Brings back some memories of the trial and conviction years back of Jeffery Dahmer, a serial killer in Wisconsin, USA. He was found guilty of several grusome charges (murder, dismemberment and fun stuff like that) from what I remember. Authorities found human remains, body parts and skin at his home (eeew, gross...!). Apparently, he was trying out cannibalism for fun...jeez louise... ANYway, Wisconsin does not have the death penalty either.

Not too long into his incarceration, though, good ol' Jeffery was found dead inside the jail... Some unknown inmates took their own sort of justice out on Mr. D. (no loss in my book)....

Perhaps something nice like that will happen to Clayton while he's in jail...

jus' sayin'

One can hope, right?

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