Saturday, July 11, 2009

Winter in July?

My first blog! Yep, thought I'd start one so I can vent here instead of harrassing (teasing? bothering?) my friends and family on Facebook daily with the latest political, news, links, comments and radical-right-wing thoughts... so I will now blog away here. Whether I ever get readers is another story, but at least I can vent - yep, healthy to whinge a bit, eh?
Winter in July is still a very odd concept to me after living in NZ for 2 years. I grew up in Chicago with all 4 distinct seasons, but in the northern hemisphere, July is middle of summer...

4th of July = parades, short and t-shirts, going to the beach or park with lots of bug spray and waiting until 9pm... dark enough... for fireworks

Today is the 11th - cool and rainy = which is Auckland for all of July... I do miss Chicago summers just a bit

Nice thing about our yard is green - every day - all year long ... so can't whinge too much about it I guess!

Today's summary:
  • first blog entry

  • winter in July

  • & to "whinge" is a British term they use a lot here in NZ which means: "To complain or protest, especially in an annoying or persistent manner."

  • Just throwing in some NZ lingo - try to keep up OK?

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