Friday, April 1, 2011

some in Britain still brilliant - can civilization be saved?

James Delingpole
Niall Ferguson

Let's give a HUGE cheer to celebrate anglo-saxon heritage and brilliance!

Or just check out some tidbits from James Delingpole and Niall Ferguson. The UK is much farther down the sad, dingy, jihadi infested road of socialism and they have huge battles to fight...

These gentlemen provide some hope the British may survive... (well ...maybe... only if they get their sovereignty back from the EU... then some hope may spring back... for now, 16 operating Shariah courts don't bode well for the Islamic infiltration Britain is facing...don't believe me, go do your own research... bleeech akkkk bar)

Delingpole highlights Ferguson's article 'Climate Change': the new Eugenics and posts:

"Civilization – Niall Ferguson’s brilliant, impeccably right-wing analysis of why it is that the West is going to hell in a handcart just gets better and better.

In the latest episode, he explored how the roots of the Holocaust lay in a dry run genocide carried out by the Germans (who else?) in German South-West Africa (now Namibia) in the 1900s against the Herero and Namaqua natives. Around 80 per cent of the former tribe and 50 per cent of the latter were brutally massacred with many of the survivors sent to concentration camps where their racial characteristics were studied by proto-Dr-Mengeles as part of the fashionable new scientific field popularised by Francis Galton – eugenics.

Ferguson said: “The important point to note is that 100 years ago, work like Galton’s was at the cutting edge of scientific research. Racism wasn’t some backward-looking reactionary ideology: it was the state of the art and people then believed in it as readily as people today BUY the theory of man-made climate change.”

Obviously if you’re a believer in the Church of Climatism, this will sound like a monstrous slur. But it does also have the virtue of being true. As I note in my really-quite-soon-to-be-published book Watermelons, the values of the eugenics movement and of the modern green movement are closely connected."

Read the rest here.

And now a bit from Ferguson Why the West is now in decline:

"In my new book and series, I argue that what distinguished the West from the Rest – the mainsprings of global power – were six identifiably novel complexes of institutions and associated ideas and behaviours. For the sake of simplicity, I summarise them under six headings: 1. Competition 2. Science 3. Property rights 4. Medicine 5. The consumer society 6. The work ethic.

To use the language of today’s computerised, synchronised world, these were the six killer applications – the killer apps – that allowed a minority of mankind originating on the western edge of Eurasia to dominate the world for the better part of 500 years. This is of more than purely historical interest. For it is only by identifying the causes of Western ascendancy that we can hope to estimate with any degree of accuracy the imminence of our fall."

- and -

"Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution, French and American Revolutions, Industrial Revolution, Electoral Reform – the big “Rs” of the West’s ascent – were noted, memorised and then “discussed” in innumerable essays. When Kenneth Clark defined civilisation in his acclaimed 1969 television series of that name, he left viewers in no doubt that he meant the civilisation of the West – and primarily the art and architecture of Western Europe from the Middle Ages until the 19th century. Clark’s hugely successful series defined civilisation for a generation in the English-speaking world. Civilisation was the chateaux of the Loire, the palazzi of Florence, the Sistine Chapel, Versailles.

And then something changed. After around 1960, the word “civilisation” slumped in popularity. Universities – beginning with Stanford in 1963 – ceased to offer the classic “Western Civ” history course. To the generation that came of age protesting against the Vietnam War, Mahatma Gandhi had been right when he implied that “Western civilisation” was a contradiction in terms. It was nothing more than a euphemism for a blood-steeped, bomb-dropping imperialism.

In British schools, too, the grand narrative of Western ascent fell out of fashion. Thanks to an educationalists’ fad that elevated “historical skills” above knowledge in the name of “New History” – combined with the unintended consequences of the curriculum-reform process – most British teenagers now leave secondary school knowing only unconnected fragments of Western history."

both men = brilliant voices sharply piercing the fog of leftist thinking!

So what are YOU doing today to help save WESTERN CIVILIZATION?

Niall might think it will fall, but I think its worth fighting for... do you?


  1. No surprise with Ferguson, believes the west should fight against those evil Muslims.
    No, like too many of those on the ranting right he believes others should do the fighting.

  2. Well, let's not rant or fight the Muslims, let's give up all "religion" or atheism and all believe in Mohammed, the Allah, the person who married and had sex with a child... let's promote beheadings, stonings and hanging of "honor" discretions, homosexuals or if a woman gets raped - all her fault, right? YEP, THAT all sounds just PEACHY KEEN!

    you first anonymous