Thursday, April 28, 2011

PDF "proof" for O is fake - Adobe Illustrator created

Proved fake couple hours after the "white house" posted their "proof" PDF file!

Time to arrest Mr. and Mrs. O yet? Skip the "impeachment", just have law enforcement take them into custody!

From Ann Barnhardt:

"Listen up. The impeachment meme needs to be dropped POST FLIPPING HASTE. Obama's removal is a LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTION. Let me walk you through this.
Impeachment applies to a legitimate, legally seated President. Andrew Johnson was a legally seated POTUS, and he was impeached. Nixon was a legally seated POTUS and was threatened with impeachment, thus leading to his resignation. Clinton was a legally seated POTUS and was impeached.

BARACK OBAMA IS NOT LEGALLY SEATED. Barack Obama is not the President of the United States. He is a fraud and a usurper, and may or may not be a citizen of the United States of America. THEREFORE impeachment has nothing to do with any of this AND WOULD DO EVEN MORE DAMAGE THAN HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE.

Why? Because if Obama is impeached, the impeachment proceeding ITSELF would establish a legal precedent affirming his legitimacy as POTUS. Impeaching him would actually give him the full rubber-stamping of legal affirmation by the Congress AND the SCOTUS. Dude. That CAN NOT happen.

If he is removed via law enforcement action - as he should be - the entire Obama regime and currently usurping Executive Branch would be instantly dissolved and nullified, as would ALL ACTIONS and LAWS enacted by the Obama regime. Do you understand what this means? If Obama is arrested, ObamaCare instantly ceases to be. All of the drilling moratoriums instantly cease to be. Everything that these Godforsaken Communist wretches have done INSTANTLY, LEGALLY, and PERMANENTLY is deleted. Sotomayor and Kagan? PACK YOUR BAGS, YOU MARXIST WENCHES. Eric Holder? What size orange jumpsuit can we fit you with, Player?"



  1. Lisa,

    WOW!!!!! Just in time for the left's May Day celebration!

  2. Forgery easily spotted... Sad and interesting the talking media heads won't report the forgery though - including FOX. They aren't allowed to...

  3. Having some experience with imaging software I can't help but wonder if this was done purposefully to keep the distraction going.

    I would like to know what Trump uncovered.

  4. thanks Hardnox.... probably to make critics appear "crazy"? too bad its fake tho - and even if was real, it PROVES he's not eligible by being spawn of a NON AMERICAN parent!

    2 are required