Monday, April 18, 2011

Economy not more important than USA constitution

Is "the economy" more important than this document? Nope. Many Americans support Donald Trump's questions about TheWon's past. The constitution says the POTUS must be a natural born citizen. This is someone born to two American citizens and on American soil. The parent thing is more important - and O says his "father" is NOT an American citizen so he's a dual citizen (at best)... thus not eligible. A fake potus. There are those who say they are pro-constitution but refuse to discuss the eligibility issue, from Canada Free Press:

"...most “conservatives” who oppose the eligibility issue are either faux conservatives, of one sort or another, or are clueless about the depth and range of the cover-up surrounding Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS. I ask these “conservatives” to tell me what is more important than protecting the sanctity of our founding documents? The economy? If we regain our economic equilibrium, but continue to lose our spiritual roots as outlined in the Declaration of Independence, then we will end up being nothing but a Godless nation of greedy egotists—unmoored, unattached, and uncommitted to any moral or spiritual foundation—a nation adrift, and easy prey for Islamists and other totalitarian ideologies. Our other major founding document, the US Constitution, has always been considered detestable by those in favor of top-down rule, be they Communist, Fascist, Progressive, or a variation thereof. If we lose the Constitution as the law of the land, then we lose our freedom, pure and simple. That is what the Far Left (under whatever label) wants. They consider “we the people” to be much too stupid to govern ourselves, and they are more often then not, power hungry atheists who desire to rule the world (using the temporary aid of the Islamists). The US Constitution has always been a major stumbling block to such people, and their efforts to take over and/or destroy the United States. I repeat, tell me what is more important than defending the US Constitution at this time? How is it that Obama’s eligibility (or more to the point—ineligibility) to be POTUS is not a vitally important concern? If you feel that our Constitution is not worth defending, and hence Obama’s eligibility is not important, then please feel free to “out” yourself. Patriotic Americans will appreciate knowing who you are."

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More about the "conservative" anti-birther people from Gotham resistance: "Now, over three years later, with even more questions arising in regards to Obama’s shadowy past and lack of transparency, things haven’t changed much. Rush Limbaugh now alludes to Obama’s eligibility once in a while – mostly through the use of satire. While Sean Hannity continues to play it safe, he now occasionally has guests on his TV show that openly question Obama’s eligibility. Bill O’Reilly however, still manages to dismiss and ridicule anyone who raises the issue. O’Reilly has even went as far as to claim that he has proof that Obama was born in Hawaii. Curiously, he has yet to share this proof with his viewers. Besides the above mentioned big boys, other conservative personalities have also come out very strongly against the now-called Birther Movement. Author and radio show host Michael Medved seems to be more annoyed with the “birthers” than he is with Obama’s policies. Medved has called the questions regarding Obama’s eligibility “sleazy”, and “destructive to the Republican Party and the Conservative movement.” Ann Coulter has also been consistently critical of the birthers; mocking them any and every chance she gets. Glenn Beck, who has spoken to the point of tears of the vast conspiracies involving Obama, Soros, and the new world order, seems to think Obama and his puppet masters would do just about anything to “crash the system” and push One-World Marxist governance on humanity, but somehow the thought of Obama deceiving the public about his eligibility is way, way beyond the pale." - and - "why don’t Michael Medved, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, and other anti-birther commentators at least give us some plausible theories as to why Obama has kept the vast majority of his life a secret? Instead of indignantly barking orders, why not clearly explain to the naive conspiracy minded birthers why the questions they are asking are so off base, and so hurtful to the Conservative movement and the Republican Party?

While they’re at it, the Conservative/Republican anti-birthers should refrain from calling a large portion of the electorate kooks, and telling them they should just shut up!"

Americans demand answers. We will not shut up.

Bit more on Mr. Trump:

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At least Mr. Trump knows how to run a successful business... is that enough to be the potus? Or will he just pave the way for another 2012 candidate (Palin?), like a bulldozer, ripping of the masks & exposing all leftists for the anti-American soul-less communist monsters they really are?

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