Saturday, April 23, 2011

Crowder targets bullies who went after Trig Palin

Crowder: Hitting Back at Bullies Who Went After Trig Palin from Breitbart:


  1. Watched it earlier today thru youtube subscription.Once the "sensitive,compassionate" Left decides you are a political enemy,the gloves are off,for mean,personal,shittily adolescent attacks on on the "enemies of the People".A typically Stalinist tactic (either attack your enemies as stupid or insane).A gangster-type approach... to "debate".Hypocrisy...the ends justifies the means....

  2. I don't think making fun of disabled people wins these people any new fans, does it?

    I think more and more these tactics are being exposed... more people realize the left are loony and become independent or conservative. Those numbers increase and numbers on the left decrease.

    as it should, I'm tired of the lame, loony 20% of "America" (media, school, hollyweird, DNC, etc) ruling the other 80% by their lunatic policies and rantings, aren't you Tjones?

  3. Lisa,
    It amazes me how low the left will stoop. To that add their hypocrisy. That's a heck of a mix.

    The sad part is that the left gets any traction at all with ANYONE. Not long ago these antics would have gotten them run out of town.

    Good post!

  4. the left has been using name-calling tactics since they first started, Hardnox... they won't stop