Monday, April 25, 2011

American patriots must battle a leftist hydra

The American public is fully awake and engaged in politics. Urkel and his regime has forced a reckoning. Does America want to stay a free Republic or become a socialist-lite Euro-like entity with the government running everything?

That is the choice in the next presidential election in 2012. Big government as savior has been exposed as a huge lie.

Lloyd Marcus thinks the TEA party patriots face a 2-headed Goliath. I think the enemy is a hydra - an evil beast with many, many heads. Soros funded leftist groups, greenie job-killing "sustainable" environment loons, union groups currently under threat by individual states taking back their power, globalist banking types who have money invested in Sharia compliant or other non-worthy (eg UN) pursuits and current "elected" politicians who want to keep the status quo and get their share of the treasury loot - are all heads of the hydra. The Fed stimulus has NOT worked.

The hydra has been growing for decades. It is now a fully mature beast which will lie, cheat and steal to stay alive.

A lone TEA partier can be seen in the picture above - way up high on the mountain top. TEA party patriots do not fight alone, though. There are millions of us across America and across the globe. We will continue to speak out and fight the hydra on ALL fronts - in schools to get conservative principle and accurate American history taught - in media by calling out lies and propaganda in news or simply not purchasing the dying leftists newspapers - in movies by not going and instead promoting pro-America movies instead of anti-America. And, yes, in politics as we gear up for 2012. The current regime is wrong about America and wrong on many fronts.

There is discussion about who will run. 2012 primaries will re-engage busy patriotic Americans who came out to vote in 2010 - in historic proportions across America to back conservative, Republican and TEA party backed candidates. The slumbering giant is no longer asleep - just busy working and raising families.

We will do it again in 2012. America will win and the hydra will have a few less heads on it to deal with. It will be a long war but America is worth it. America is exceptional.

Are you with us? Get your sword, sharpen your pencil and prepare for battle.

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