Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I want to be a whacko fringe just like Donald

I want to be a whacko, fringe person because that is obviously how you become a millionaire and get people to like you and listen to you. Right? The American left states Donald Trump is "just a side show" and I heard him being called whacko and fringe this week on NewsTalkZB radio this week. So that must be true and no way just someone's opinion! This was said by a media person on TV and the radio so it MUST be true! And since Donald made so much money, if I want to become rich ...I'll have be whacko and fringe just like him. I mean, people listen to and believe Mr. Trump, right? So they must just give him money for his real estate deals only out of the goodness of their own hearts. Perhaps they just feel sorry for him because he has funny hair. Should I get a funny hair do? But WAIT a gosh darned minute - I, too, have "fringe" or "bangs"! Does that make me fringe? Maybe THAT is what the radio meant! He's fringe because he has realllllly long front hair combed back! A ha... I get it. Cool! I'm fringe, too!... Okay I'm half way there...! Oh, and women just hate him, too. All his past girlfriends and wives have been really ugly and unintelligent. He is so dumb and whacko he only attracts ugly dregs of society as mates... right? If I was like Donald, only top notch gorgeous male models (I mean "ugly" and stupid) would be lining up to try and steal me away from my current mate... yep, that sure sounds right. Mr. Trump is of course out of his mind whacko to ask questions about the person in the White House. I mean, c'mon, 69,000,000 voted for him! These 20% of America were ONLY the smart ones! The other 80% are just racist and stupid. Those are they only reasons they dare question anything "our" messiah, I mean "president" says. He is, after all, super duper smart because he was a lawyer for awhile, wrote book (I think) and went to college (maybe?). We know so much about TheWon's background - it is obviously stupid to question him! And America is doing awesome under this current "president"! Economy is great and foreign countries just love us... gas prices continue to rise (well that is obviously expected because we have to stop using all fossil fuels and only use wind power because C02 is evil and earth goddess Gaia is fragile, weak and mad at human kind for breeding too many people...) and Republicans are really the mean ones. Yep, Republicans never help any poor, homeless victims or give money to any poor countries around the planet. Geez, obvious! So I've figured out the fringe part (duh, hair) but still haven't quite figured out how to be whacko like Donald so I can become a millionaire. Any suggestions? I mean hard work never ever ever works so I have to figure this out so other people (like evil wealthy ones) will just GIVE me money! How do I do it? ...*sigh*


  1. I got NO problem with a Trump administration... if that's what it takes to get out of this nightmare, fine with me, Lisa

    I am taking a serious look at him... he deserves it, only him and Palin have any real fight in them, maybe Bachmann.

    And most of our problems are economic- he's certainly qualified there

  2. A fighter who calls TheWon out on all the leftist horrors going on? Works for me, too RR...

    you mean its not just the hair? ;)

  3. Lisa,
    To answer your question, first you need to go to Pennsylvania and attend the Wharton School of Business, then go bankrupt a few times to learn how not to do it again, then the hair. Piece of cake.

    Seriously... good post. I'm not a fan of Trump by a long shot but I am thrilled that he has challenged Obama. He's got a bullhorn that no one else has and he's not afraid of the media either.

    Kudos to Trump. The latest polls show him in second place which means that Americans approve of his conduct.

    If he is the ONLY one on the right left standing next year I will vote for him. He has a thousand times more experience than the "smartest man in the world".

  4. thanks Hardnox... the Trumpster can bullhorn all he wants! He sure took the fire out of Romney and his exploratory rice pudding, errr... I mean potus, committee, too... hehe