Sunday, April 24, 2011

Marcus' two headed goliath, why O will lose in 2012

Lloyd Marcus' two headed goliath

Lloyd Marcus at American Thinker points out the fight for America is a battle of a TEA Party David Vs. Two-Headed Goliath:

"Not only must we defeat the Obama administration, we must take on and defeat the liberal mainstream media as well; take on the two powerful well-funded entities committed to the fundamental transformation of America."

"Like little David in the Bible, we must boldly confront the two headed Goliath, Obama administration/liberal media."

"Why do you think Trump and Palin are doing so well in the polls? Both are boldly and unapologetically takin' it to Obama and are not kowtowing to the liberal media.
Patriots are frustrated with Republicans pandering and trying to "play nice" with a Democratic Party and liberal media who are relentlessly and viciously attempting to kill us politically."

"While some lament that we lack a central leadership organization or charismatic leader
, I am grateful for all of our numerous patriot groups and committed individuals. Each is driven to politically defeat Obama in its own way. Their spirit is the tea party."

"Just as God's grace guided David's stone to topple Goliath, our stone of truth, honor, and freedom will hit its mark and bring down the two headed evil Goliath of the liberal media and the Obama regime in 2012."

Read the rest here. RIGHT ON LLOYD MARCUS!

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