Friday, April 22, 2011

don't want to be governed by idiots

I don't want to be governed by idiots, do you? James Lewis at American Thinker describes TheWon's base in Obama thinks you're an idiot, is he right? Snippets:

"I can't help thinking that word "idiot" over and over again, as hard as I try to be Politically Correct. I have compassion for idiots. I just don't want to be governed by them, or by the con artists and serial liars they keep voting for. Bill Clinton. Barack Obama. Joe Biden. Name your own. It's obvious by now that Obama doesn't even bother to memorize his script anymore. He just tells 'em anything that pops into his mind, and all the E.I.s ("educated idiots") instantly bow down and knock their heads in the dirt. What a brilliant guy this is!"

"So we have a wannabe rockstar president who is completely wrong about every US policy, domestic and foreign, but he's right about his own voters."

"The biggest idiots in this country are the mediots who just read their JournOlist scripts on TV every night."

"The left calls this "progress." Because their side is Progressive. It's logic, see? If you're a Progressive, then anything you do, no matter how idiotic, is Progress."

Hilariously saucy and spot on ... Read the rest here.

So TheUrkel and people who actually believe what comes out of his mouth? Idiots All...


  1. Lisa,
    Lewis wrote a great essay. On that note, whenever I engage a lefty I ask them to name ONE program that they have championed which has been successful. I get um, duh, er and lots of stupid looks. I never get an answer.

  2. hi Hardnox, lefty loonies don't care about 'success', 'progress' is simply taking your money and joining any type of 'cause' that makes them 'feel good' (because they have been dumbed down and taught only feelings matter not truth)...