Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ann kicks Lindsey's sorry RINO a$$

hattip iOwnTheWorld.com and NewZeal.blogspot.com Ann Barnhardt kicks RINO Sen. Lindsey Graham a new one in her free speeah rant


  1. Lisa,
    That was a great rant. While I think burning the Koran was irresponsible considering that the reaction from a 7th century mindset was predictable Ann was nonetheless 100% on the mark.

    I am looking forward to the election of Graham's GOP replacement next year.

    Granting special status to any entity is simply wrong for what ever reason. There is no such thing as more equal.

  2. She's good

    The TEA Party needs to send some $ and people into the NC primary and scrape Goober from the GOP hull

  3. minor quibble Hardnox, if anyone was irresponsible it was whoever told and riled up the muzzies who then decide to go barbaric and kill UN workers... the media? official muslim riler-uppers? ... anyone can burn a book... its just a book... F*k the 7th century mindset... THE ARE the idiots tho have to change, get over themselves or get bombed into submission

    @hardnox and @RR - thanks both for the comments!