Saturday, August 8, 2009

Socialized medicine will end the USA

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To quote a blogger I've been recently reading:

WAKE THE F** UP America...!

The current 'health care reform' aka 'socialized medicine' aka the Obamanations big push is a realllly bad idea for America.

Here are some details from the Conservative Resistance.

Here are details from J.B.Williams at Canada

Is Canada or Britain's universal health care great? Uuh, nope... everyone comes to the USA when they can't get treatment in their own countries.

The socialized medicine the dems want is ALL about control. Here is a British MP, Daniel Hannan, talking to Glenn Beck describing how wonderful it is in Britain. Glenn is correct, this is ALL about control...

I hope every American that can is going to protest at their town hall meetings in August.

This nightmare legislation will end the U.S.A. as it exists... killing babies (taxpayer funded abortions) and eugenics, end of life counseling for the elderly. America will now advocate methods for population control... Less $$ for veterans, but coverage for illegals...

This - is - one - huge - stinking - load - of - crap ...

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