Sunday, August 23, 2009

Will Apuzzo case proceed?

Attorney Mario Apuzzo's case is still before a federal judge awaiting a decision on whether the case will proceed. In the mean time, additional posts have been put up on his site:

From lead plaintiff Charles Kerchner posted August 22, 2009:

I know it is summer and we are all distracted with other things here in August such as vacations and town hall meetings, :-) , etc. But I thought I'd remind you all about our fund raising efforts. We have placed 12 full pages of Atty Apuzzo's writings and information about the lawsuit in the Washington Times. See them all here including the Monday, 24 Aug 09 issue upcoming.

It has been effective. More and more people realize this issue is not just about the missing/hidden long-form BC. Obama's father was never an immigrant to or citizen of this country, not even a permanent resident. Thus Obama can never be considered a natural born citizen of the USA per the founders and framers intent and our U.S. Federal Common Law based on "the natural law of the governance of man and of nations" codified by Vattel, as explained in Atty Mario Apuzzo's latest essay.But I need to remind you that we need your financial support, as well as your generous time and talent assistance on this and other blogs, if we are going to be able to continue the public education and advertising campaign on the real issue about our Usurper Putative President, and master of fraud and deception as to his true legal identity, Mr. O.

If you can please visit the fund raising page and make a donation, large or small, it will be greatly appreciated and will keep the advertising appearing regularly. And please do post that fund raising site URL link in other blogs and ask their readers to support our efforts and lawsuit too. We need Time, Talent, and Treasure offered if we are going to save our Constitution and Republic from this Usurper. Synergy at Work! If we all do and give a little we will accomplish a lot!

Link to fund raising page:

Charles Kerchner
Lead Plaintiff
Kerchner v Obama & Congress

Others are providing interesting constitutional research findings and commentary about BHO's inelibility such as: "Constitutional ‘Nuclear Bomb’ Blasts Obama’s Eligibilty To Smithereens" posted August 21, 2009 from "Constitutionally Speaking - Conservative Christian South Dakotans for Constitutional Legislation". This commentary suggests:

The man occupying the executive branch and commander of our military knew full well that he was not constitutionally qualified.

and the show continues...

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