Friday, August 14, 2009

The truth shall set you free

While I know Glenn Beck cannot discuss the NBC issue because he's been ordered not to by his TV bosses who are pro-Obama, Glenn is doing a pretty good job otherwise alerting the public about the collectivism and Alinsky tactics, methods the leftits media and white house are USING ON YOU.

Stay calm and persevere: the truth IS on your side, conservative Americans, and it will set you free.

And another good column called "Democratic Socialists of Congress: Meet the Members" from J.B.Williams today and I quote:

'The leftists in control of Washington DC can not make it any clearer… They have an agenda and they don’t care how many American citizens, Republicans, Democrats or Independents, are opposed to that agenda - nor do they care what they have to do to advance that agenda.

They are prepared to rob you of assets, earnings, health care, and even life itself if need be, to push through their anti-American global agenda.

But the good news is - the American people are finally awake and taking note. Despite Obama’s repeated claims that he is not hawking socialized death care, the people are reading the congressional proposals themselves and are able to quote chapter and verse of their proposals better than they can.

Still, the bold faced lies continue and the heavy handed rush to Marxism is on track, no matter how much shouting is taking place across the nation.

Now you know why… The people behind it all are in fact Communist and Socialists. It’s not some silly crackpot “theory,” it’s a fact. It’s not a figment of your imagination it’s actually happening.

Now that you know where we’re headed, find a way to do something about it. The future of this nation is only in the hands of elected officials if the American citizens leave it in their hands. '

Click here for J.B.W's full article at Canada Free Press

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