Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another a-ha! moment

Sunday; nearing end of winter in Auckland, but has been grey skies and raining most of today. As I wait for a break in the rain to head to the grocery, I had another "A-HA!" moment reading a great article at American Thinker. Before posting the quote, I must mention this has happened to me quite a bit since last October 2008 when I started reading as much as I could about then candidate BHO.

Even though I am currently living on the other side of earth, on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean with peaceful palm trees in my yard, I am, and the whole planet is, impacted by America. She is supposed to be a leader and beacon of (real) hope. The liberals running the show right now are quite nuts (recent example: Pelosi, Reid and current statements such as "the protests are astroturf" or concerned Americans are "hate mongers"). These are the elected leaders?!?! Well guess what liberals, we've been putting up with your crap for too long and we're sick of you. Count your days "in power" numbered as the 2010 elections approach, you will be escorted from the premises by vote if not before.

OK, back to today's "A-HA" moment which hit me as I was trying to understanding liberalism. Try is the key word: I find it very difficult! There are some good ideas entrenched in there, but when liberal policies are put in place, all goes to crap. I cannot find any good liberal policies even through been researching a past century of history trying to find some. Liberals seem to be emotional based thinkers who discard all logic. They are running the USA show now and it is scary. So, how come the current batch of do-good-wannabees have it so damn wrong?!

Check out below passage from article called "A Fundamental Disconnect" which discusses liberal elites and some possible reasons people may have voted for BHO:

The people of our nation have been subjected to an intense liberal indoctrination for so long that there are a huge number of them for whom the tenets of liberalism are so deeply ingrained that they accept without question the proposition that the government must address any problem that arises anywhere in America. Under a relentless assault from the liberal dominated media, educational establishment, legal profession, arts community, foundations, and even segments of the business and religious communities, many have succumbed to the brainwashing.
Consequently, they believe:

  • FDR's New Deal saved us from the Depression rather than prolonged it;
  • the Great Society helped to lift minorities out of poverty, rather than institutionalizing it;
  • capitalism creates unjust, inequitable outcomes in the US, ignoring the fact that it has powered our economy to unimagined and unequaled heights of prosperity;
  • government creates jobs by spending the tax payer's money, rather than preventing their creation because of the tax dollars pilfered from entrepreneurs;
    government regulations improve the functioning of our economy, revealing obliviousness to the enormous drag they impose;
  • the rich don't pay their fair share, whereas in fact the "rich" pay the overwhelming majority of the income tax that Uncle Sam extracts, while the lowest 40% of income earners pay virtually nothing;
  • the Constitution is a malleable document that serves as a guide to the making of law -- in fact, it is a binding document that can be changed only by a demanding Amendment process and the American republic has survived and prospered precisely because continuing generations have agreed to abide by the deal struck by our founders with the people;
  • radical change not adherence to tradition, is the American way.
A-HA!!!!!!!! well, while this doesn't solve any problems, it definitely helps explain the mindset.

Click here for the entire article at American Thinker and see if you get an A-HA! yourself when reading about this fundamental disconnect. The battle continues.

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