Sunday, September 4, 2011

she has a plan

In her inspiring speech Sept 3rd in Indianola, Sarah said "I have a plan"

Listen to the speech at C4P here.

Oh yeah... she's running all right.  She's gone rogue.  She's not following the Rove or beltway talking head advice.  She'll announce when she's good and ready - at her time - at her date - at her choosing.  She'll run on restoring America, true reform (yesss!) and a pro energy platform. 

She's not promising handouts.  Nope. She promises to work hard and that everyone else will have to work hard, too.  America will have to get off its lazy butte and get to work.  Want to eat?  Want a job?  Want a car?  Want a roof over your head?  YOU MUST WORK.  ... simple

It won't be easy... but she will lead America ... and out of the darkness the masses will follow her light.

Yep, she will run.  Youuuuuuuu betcha

thank god...

*UPDATE*  great Indianola pic of Sarah from a poster at C4P (... the next potus?!?!):


  1. She is a tool of the RINOs, designed to split the votes between Romney and Perry in order to keep the elitist's boy Romney in the game. Fancy speeches don't make a great candidate, we see that in Obama. Be careful what you wish for Lisa, you might get RINO Romney who WILL lose to Obama. She was a tool for McLame to rally his crappy campaign and she is a tool now.

    Sorry, know that you think she walks on water but she'll catch hell over ACES, quitting as governor when the going got hot, etc. The Bush/Rove RINOs will run her out of the game in the end for Romney.

  2. hi Gunny, thanks for stopping by...

    we'll have to agree to disagree... if she wants to run as a candidate for potus, she will

    she is hardly a tool of the RINOs - that comment makes me laugh! that is like saying Obumbles is a moderate...

    the deadline for entering the 2012 race hasn't passed yet... if she does run, America will decide

    if its Palin v Obama, who you gonna vote for?

    think about it