Thursday, September 1, 2011

$535 MILLION dollar green boondoggle

more money up in smoke due to lame liberal policies

Shocker! (not really)... More GREEN FAIL by the Obumbles administration:  $535 MILLION dollars vanished into thin air as an Oblather-touted company Solyndra has gone bankrupt.  "Solyndra is a prime example of the foolish green schemes Barack Obama and his team have been promoting across America.  Sadly, this promotion has been more than just Obama-like airy platitudes about moon shots and being world leaders. The taxpayers are on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars that Obama extended as loan guarantees."

Just great America... You are going the route of Greece AND Spain now!  Crikey...


  1. A little off topic, but when I read this post at Powerline this morning, it reminded me of my most recent comment here about the warmists being nothing more than control freak fascists.

    This is nothing less than a war on individual liberty what little remains of our mostly free markets. In other words, capitalism, which has made America the greatest country the world has ever seen, would be destroyed if they get their way. People need to wake up, recognize this is not about climate, but instituting global Marxism in the name of saving the climate, and vote these eco-fascists out. Way out. And never give them have a say in policy again.

    On a side note, very disappointing about Perry. I was getting excited about him until I read your post. What a let down. We'll see how he does in the debate next week. Regardless, I will vote for a blind, alcoholic chimpanzee before I'd vote for Obama, so I may have to hold my nose and close my eyes and vote for Perry if he gets the nomination.

    -- SCOTT

  2. ... you are correct at lefties being control freaks!!! and yes I think Perry needs some serious vetting, but I would still vote for him over Ovomit any damn day... a blind, alcoholic chimpanzee would be an vast improvement over most of the current federal commie-regimists ruining America right now... good one, though, that made me laugh! cheers Scott :)