Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a day of lame...err... rage? ... yawn

Did you hear last weekend Sat Sept 17, 2011 was supposedly a "day of rage"?  (huh?)

Zombie at Pajamas reports the details on the lamest day of 'rage' I've seen and asks:
"How hypocritical is it to wear a plastic toy, designed and licensed by the Warner Brothers corporation, and manufactured in a polluting slave-labor Chinese factory, to advertise a mainstream Hollywood film, starring overpaid actors, the profits from which will go to corporate shareholders, and yet you think that by doing this you’re somehow anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian?"

Indeed Zombie! hilarious...

Michelle Malkin linked to this funny video below... so
"how ya gonna tweet about corporate greed?"
... "on my iPhone!"
HA HA ha ha ha!  Does the left even know what the word "hypocracy" means?  (guess not)


  1. I did the same,safe "radical rage" in the mid-70s,but I was friggin' 15 years old,and had no perspective...And no tweet to massage my vanity-trip,and Reality (as well as a good common-sense up-bringing from my parents)snapped me back.These jerks do not know REAL Fascism (or Government-control) in their little,safe sheltered lives."Wahh! I hate Mommy and Daddy,and will project it onto my politics!"...It's ALWAYS about selective outrage with this crowd,as you say.To quote a guy on the radio,"You should let your politics reflect your reality,not let your 'reality' reflect your politics"...

  2. the zombie post was a riot...... way past time we mock these "protesting" little weeners, isn't it...

    thanks for commenting tjones.... have a nice day, when do you want it? now