Tuesday, September 6, 2011

... I'd rather scoop the cat litter

funny post at IMAO about excuses... excuses to not listen to any more of Oblech's speeches...

my excuse?  I have to scoop the kitty litter...  or perhaps get an enema without anasthetic... yep, I can think of lots of good excuses of things I'd rather do any damn day rather than ever listen to any speeches from the Ovomit's regimists or himself.

From IMAO:

"... we’ve now discovered we can treat Obama like the pretty girls treat the nice-but-don’t-want-to-date-him guy from school.  Make an excuse for a date, and he’ll merrily go along...."
“Hey, America? I was wondering if maybe you’d like to go out for a hamburger after study?”
“Oh, Barack, that’s so sweet of you to ask. But I’m doing my hair. Some other time, huh?”
“Okay then, America. How about the next night? We could head over to the Bijou and catch that new movie I heard you talking about?”
“Oh, Barack, that’s so sweet of you to ask. But I’m getting new wallpaper for my room, and I need to make sure everything is just right. You understand?”
“Sure I do, America. What about an early dinner then. Something quick, maybe?”
“Oh, Barack, that’s so sweet of you to ask. But I’ve got cheerleader practice, and just won’t have the time.”
"You see? We could do that. We just need to line up excuses. Then, when Obama wants to do something, like give a speech or raise our taxes or push some gargantuan health care bill down out throat, we can offer up an excuse and he’ll put it off till some later time. We keep that up until January, 2013, and the problem takes care of itself.
Now, we just need some excuses.
Any ideas?"

Awesome... and some hilarious comments there include:

"Sorry Barry, but I need to re-lace all my tennis shoes…

Sorry Barry, but I need to edit the Wikepedia entry on Stefan Mazurkiewicz…
Sorry Barry, but I have to re-align the Geisseler tubes in my flux capacitator…
Sorry Barack, but my compost pile needs turning.

Sorry Barack, but I have to pump out my septic tank.
Sorry Barack, but I have to have my dog’s anal sacks reduced."
Mine?  Yep...  got some scoopin' to do...

cat litter kids cake... uuuuhhh... yum??


  1. Tonight,there was this joint-session speech by the Speechifier,which I only watched after the fact busy living life) for 5 minutes or so before a phrase popped into my head...."Ego-strut"....that's ALL the Vain One is about..."Ego-Strut"! (registered trademark pending....)

  2. ha ha good one tjones

    another speech about spending more money...

    what do you call it when people try to do the same exact thing over and over and over and over again expecting different results?

    yep... insanity