Tuesday, September 27, 2011

muslims hate dogs

Why do muslims hate dogs?  I have no idea.  Well who cares, they are all inbred idiots anyway.  This post isn't about muzzies though.  Its about saying goodbye to a family friend named Bella. 

Above is one of the last pictures I have of my dog Kiki (black & white) and mum's dog Bella (Shepard mix).  We were giving them biscuit treats and trying to take photos and Kiki is so fast I only got the backsides because she kept turning around looking for the next treat.  Oh well...  You can see a bit of grey on Bella's face.  This picture was taken last month. 

Last weekend Bella had to be put down.  She had stomach cancer.  She was diagnosed last Thursday after not eating for over a week and only vomiting and losing weight rapidly.  Thursday's ultra sound showed 2 huge masses taking up the entire space of her stomach.  She was given a prognosis of 5 days to live.  Thursday night was OK as mum spent the night near her on the floor with cushions.  Bella wouldn't go down stairs any more.  Friday night was bad.  Bella would drink water then vomit it up.  Blood started coming out her rectum.  Saturday Bella was walking around a bit managing to get outside into the garden.  She laid down in the shade.

Deb and her daughter had stayed overnite Friday with mum helping cleanup vomit and blood. Mum decided Saturday morning it was time.  Mum realized Bella was suffering and she was not going to recover.  It was time to mercifully end her life. It is part of pet ownership.  Our local vet, Doctor Steve, will come out to your house for the euthanasia service.  He arrived about 2:15pm. 

On a sunny afternoon, Bella had her family around her petting her and stroking her while she peacefully laid in the garden.  With the shot, Bella went to sleep ... for the last time.  We hugged each other and told her we'd miss her and what a great dog she was.  I guess it was an impromptu funeral.  We helped Dr. Steve put her in a plastic bag in his car trunk and said goodbye.  Bella will be cremated and the ashes will be returned to mum in a rimu wood box with a plaque on it. 

Bella is now with our dog Sheela in doggie heaven.  Mum's husband of 53 years who we lost a couple months ago is with them... and there is an endless supply of treats.

Goodbye Bella... you were a great guard dog for mum who never bit or hurt anyone.  You never tolerated any minor cat disagreements. You were a pacifist and loving friend.  You will be missed.

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