Wednesday, September 28, 2011

betrayal? treason? carbon tax looms -> what say you Australia?

when will Australian PM Julia Gillard get the boot?!

Australian's feel betrayed by Julia Gillard with her push for an outrageous carbon tax.  From Quadrant Online, Carton Tax Betrayal:

"So what are the conduct and circumstances which have pushed Australians over the edge?

First Labor hyped climate change as “the greatest moral challenge of our time”, an emergency demanding immediate action, failing which there would be catastrophe. Copenhagen was billed as the last great hope for salvation, but collapsed in a shambles. Then Rudd failed to get his CPRS up in the senate, wobbled and decided to squib “the greatest moral challenge” after all. According to a subsequent leak, Gillard urged him to abandon carbon pricing, just as she assured us there was more chance of her playing AFL for “the Dogs” than replacing him. Not long after, Rudd was ruthlessly cut down with her connivance. Never before had a first-term government pre-empted the voters. In an election derailed by leaks and infighting, Gillard ruled out a carbon price until there was “a deep and lasting community consensus” and proposed a citizens’ assembly. Six days out from polling day, she went further, declaring “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. Falling short of a clear mandate, she ostentatiously hooked-up with the Greens, a party most Australians distrust. With little resistance, she granted them the tax she had renounced. Succeeding months brought a series of ploys to cleanse the taint from this backflip, a “multi-party committee” working with a “business roundtable”, a “climate commission” composed of suitable “experts”, multiple reports from infallible sage Ross Garnaut, leaks to reliable journalists about a cornucopia of jobs and compensation, constant hectoring about “carbon pollution” and “our clean energy future”, Carbon Sunday, an ad campaign and Gillard’s “shoe leather” tour. All misjudged the depth of public resentment, all compounded the original breach of faith, and all failed miserably.

Australians are entitled to feel they have been conned, disrespected and, yes, betrayed."

Jo Nova reports The Carbon Tax is so bad, people are asking if this is treason - "People are using words like “sickening”, “shocking” and describing Gillard’s actions as “vindictive” and a “treacherous spoiler”, and using the word treason. There’s a plea: “God help us!”

Sounds like Australians are a bit upset about a carbon tax, the mother of all lies, eh?


  1. Good on ya Lisa G you sickening, shocking, vindictive, treacherous spoiler. The carbon tax is a mark of a civilisation that leads the world in its care for the common people and their future and the future of their children. Just like the abolition of capital punishment, universal free education and the enfranchisement of all citizens. ( that means that they all get to vote). Crawl back into your greed hole and with your support of the big polluters and multinationals intent on destroying the planet in order to make their mega profits. Ma C.

  2. What is a "Ma C."... is that a name? You are either from NZ or AUS if you say "good on ya".

    Julia Gillard makes me sick and she makes many Australians sick, too. She said in Aug 2010 "there will be no carbon tax..." in the "government" she leads.

    BULLOX! She is a LIAR.

    You get the government you deserve Australia. You are idiotic if you believe that any C02 (carbon dioxide if you didn't already know) which man emits has ANY detriment on the earth's atomosphere.

    You have been LIED to by the UN.
    You have been LIED to by Al Gore.
    You have been LIED to by Julia Gillard.
    You have been LIED to by the "greens".

    C02 is NOT a "pollutant". You are EXHALING C02 RIGHT NOW. Why do you think plants are GREEN you moron? THEY need C02 TO LIVE. They produce oxygen and they use C02 to do it.

    If you want to spew nonsense, next time leave your name because "anonymous" is noone.

    You are a stupid, idiotic noone and I can't help you.

    If you still think C02 is a pollutant, please take yourself out of the ones who are producing it. Do us all a favor and rid the planet of your lunacy.

    good bye and good riddance