Friday, August 5, 2011

NZ tries mightily to avoid Lord Monckton's AGW truth


Apparently the nz show "CloseUp" was going to have Lord Monckton on but they canceled.  Stuff reports he speaks without peers but they are just afraid of the truth he discusses. Climate Conversation NZ advises:

"Television stations pull out

The major television shows Q&Q and Closeup, after asking to interview Lord Monckton, have pulled out, citing the Green Party’s change of heart and claiming no “opponent” could be found.

Why they need an opponent I cannot imagine. They manage to interview most people without wheeling in an opponent.

This will result in diminished public understanding, because most people would hear about Monckton’s contrary views only when the mainstream media carry them."

Lord Monckton was on Leighton Smith's NZtalkZB show yesterday and I caught a lot of it. It was a great show. Andy provides a link to Monckton on Newstalk ZB:,%20Aug%204%2010.00%20trn-newstalk-zb-akl.asf

Starts at 20 mins into the audio

I'm still looking for any video from yesterday's debate and will post if I can find it.  Here is a 3-Aug interview from "unrealalexjones" on youtube:


  1. HAHA! Owl Gore has been dodging Lord Monckton for YEARS! haha

  2. yes of course... the science is "settled" or some rot, eh gunny

  3. Monckton is a loon. There is no "global conspiracy". If he wants to debate scientists then he should actually debate the scientific arena. You should not be satisfied with a toothy grin and an appearance on the telly. Debating science is not the same as selling soap on Home Shopping Channel.
    NASA did not lie to you about the moon landings.
    NASA is not lying to you now about Climate Change.

  4. Mockton = ROCK STAR

    This guy is just great, Lisa... his frankness reminds me of Nigel Farage, are they related perhaps lol

  5. Oh c'mon now Cedric, you try to disparage Lord Monckton by name calling? Is this the "skepticism" you were taught at the James Randi school ( or something? Now James Randi, a magician until age 60 - yep a life long career as a MAGICIAN, now THAT guy looks like a COMPLETE loon in whatever "skeptic" magic he is "teaching", yep... Or is that you Mr. Randi? Is Cedric Katesby really Mr. Randi? Perhaps a mystery is solved... How long did it take you to grow that long Merlin white beard? Awesome...

    So back to discussing Lord Monckton. You might not like what truth he discusses, but I've read a lot of what Lord Monckton has said and written and he sir, is far from your average loon.

    Your criticism rests on NASA being completely truthful in everything they do, eh? I bet there policies depend on what type of government are in charge. Plausible, isn't it? NASA isn't subject to criticism? Why are they now pursuing a goal of "muslim outreach"? Is THAT a scientific pursuit of greatness or bending to the will of current politicians in Washington? Now THAT group is sure full of loony tunes...

    The stock market agrees with me.

    So in summary, spout all the name calling you want, Lord Monckton and many other AGW skeptics are derided the world over. The truth is AGW is bunch of globalist politicial tripe.

    If you really believe in skepticism, do your own research.

    The science is not settled, Mr. Merlin... I meaan Mr. Randi-magician... I mean Cedric

    have a nice day

  6. sorry Cedric, your further comments are too loony to post... you don't convince me by calling anyone names... so neener neener neener in your general direction... have fun in your loony world of loon loving