Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lord Monckton to visit NZ in Aug after Australian speaking tour ends

from F.Swempson at AT

iOwnTheWorld and American Thinker reminds us about the (man made!) global warming hoax - we shouldn't forget about it...  F.Swempson at AT says:

"While Americans are rightfully focused on the unemployment situation and the debt limit negotiations, we've pretty much forgotten about global warming as an issue ever since Obama failed to pass his Cap & Trade bill. As a result, we're becoming complacent once again about the huge threat we face from the progressives' attempts to control the world's energy industry based on the greatest scientific hoax in human history. In reality, however, nothing's changed, as Obama is still imposing his will on us through the EPA's regulation of CO2.

This hoax still threatens our economy, while advancing the UN's "Agenda 21" in more ways than one. It's also the foundation of Obama's "green jobs" approach to the unemployment issue, since the very concept of "green jobs" is just as bogus as the idea of a "carbon footprint."

With Fox anchors and conservative bloggers arguing that those "green" jobs are simply far too few to fuel a strong recovery, the fact that they're based on junk science, and aren't economically viable on their own, gets little if any mention.

The truth is that CO2 is a beneficial trace gas that exists in such small quantities in our atmosphere, that the idea of it playing any significant role in determining our climate is simply silly. CO2 comprises less than half of 0.1% of our atmosphere, and only 4% of it comes from human activity. That's 16ppm, or 1 part in every 62,500 parts of our atmosphere. CO2 is plant food, and a key component in all life on earth. Plants need CO2 to grow and produce oxygen. They feed animals (including ourselves). Animals in turn consume oxygen and plant-based foods, and exhale CO2. Without CO2, nothing could be green!"


In Australia, Lord Christopher Monckton recently debated Dr. Richard Denniss on climate change at the Australian National Press club:  did you hear about it?  JoNova links to the debate.  It is an hour, but it is quite good.

From Australian Andrew Bolt's blog, Bolt rates the National Press Club debate’s results as:
Lord Monckton - 10
Former Greens adviser Richard Denniss - 1
Journalists - 0.

From a commenter on Bolt's blog: "Monckton was a breath of fresh air to listen to. He certainly knows his subject and won hands down against that pathetic Government lacky. He put the reporters that asked stupid questions back in their box, and the last reporter to ask a question looked terrified. You can see now why the left is trying to stifle debate as their argument has too many holes as Monckton pointed out..."

NZ's Climate Conversation mentions Lord Monckton to visit NZ after his Australian speaking tour. That is very cool!  NZ has already enacted a carbon tax - its called the ETS.  Food and petrol prices have risen because of it.  Does NZ's ETS actually impact or help abate any man made global climate "warming"?  Nope.  Not one iota!  I sincerely hope NZ will LISTEN to Lord Monckton.

From Climate Realists:
Auckland- Thursday 4th August
10am-11.30am NewstalkZB with Leighton Smith
12.15pm -2pm Business lunch- Northern Club
Lunch with Lord Monckton

Global climate change is seen by many as the world's biggest threat. But is it real … or are we subjects to bureaucratically manipulated groupthink? How has the science behind climate change been formulated and communicated?

Leading climate change skeptic Viscount Christopher Monckton - hereditary British peer, journalist, businessman and entertaining public speaker - says:
  • Global temperature change is well within natural historical cycles.
  • The so-called spate of extreme weather is a myth: there were more cyclones in the 1800s than today.
  • Consensus (of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] scientists) does not make climate change true.
  • If you choose your time-frame carefully you can make any trend look as if it is increasing or decreasing.
  • Al Gore's movie 'An Inconvenient Truth' is riddled with inconvenient errors.
Lord Monckton will explain why carbon dioxide is beneficial to Earth and mankind, and is not a "pollutant", that emissions, mainly natural, cannot and will not adversely affect natural rises and falls in global temperature that have occurred through the centuries. Any attempts by humans to "control" the temperature of the Earth cannot succeed, and the imposition of charges such as our ETS tax are pain without any possible gain. After his address, Lord Monckton will welcome questions from the audience.

venue: The Northern Club, 19 Princes St, Auckland
time: 12.15 for 12.30 start
cost: Members $38.50 non-members $48.00 (includes a 2 course lunch with wine)
contact: non-members email to book

And have you heard Australia's prime minister's favorable rating has gone down to 26% ("nobody's  listening to Gillard any more") as she pushes her scheme to enact a carbon tax on Australian citizens? Time will tell if Australians will stand for this greenie-communist agenda...  C'mon ozzies, fight it!


  1. Numbers dont matter to leftists. Many of them in power are humanities graduates who dropped out of math in the 11th grade at high school.
    Most have led a spoon fed life courtesy of the state. Our previous primeminister Helen Clark is a good example. A marxist indoctrinated student who pursued a post graduate degree in the social sciences. From there it was back to uni as a lecturer and then into politics, having never held down a real job in her life - how's that for working class?.
    My point is that ideology matters more to these people than reality.
    Clark ETS enacted for one reason, to toady the UN for a good job after she got booted, and it worked.
    Her and her followers never gave a damn about NZ, in fact they despised our country and our people. How's that for gratitude for a lifetime of living off taxpayers money?.

  2. There must be something wrong with my profile or this blog. It wont id me.
    Cheers Saucy

  3. hi NZGarry, blogspot does seem a bit touchy today but I've posted your comments... and agree with your thoughts...

    cheers mate

  4. Thanks Saucy, a bit of a rant I know, but the way I see it.
    I might add that the current Government seems pretty gutless about standing up to climate change idealogues as well.
    Notice that how in these tough times climate change has 'gone to ground'?. To me that is a sure sign that it is primarily political in nature.

  5. exactly NZgarry, instead of "100% pure NZ" the slogan should be "100% pure political"!!