Monday, August 1, 2011

a Texan cannot recommend Gov Perry for potus

Interesting article over at Conservatives 4 Palin about Texas Governor Rick Perry.  The author suggests Texas is doing OK because of the state legislature and how it has stopped Gov Rick Perry! 

Huh? ... Well go read for yourself.  Here is a tidbit from C4P citizen journalist Mark America:

"I’ve lived in Texas throughout the entirety of the Perry administration. He hasn’t been the most awful governor we might have had, but in truth, he’s been mediocre. It is true to say that Perry deserves a little credit for the better economic conditions in the state, insofar as he’s done no particular harm. On the other hand, it’s fair to say that part of the reason Perry’s done no particular harm, and perhaps the sole reason he hasn’t damaged the economy, is because the Texas people, through their legislature, won’t let him. The governor’s real shortcomings are not to be seen so much in the matter of economics, but in his unceasing drive to tamper with the freedoms and lives of Texans for the sake of his corporate cronies."

Hmm, so what I get out of this is Americans definitely need to FULLY examine Perry's COMPLETE record is DETAIL if he does run for potus. Mark also says:

"When you examine his record in its totality, what you find is not that Governor Perry has been such a capable steward of the Texas economy, but that surprisingly, the Texas Legislature has fulfilled that role, bouncing egregious Perry initiatives in a number of cases. The Trans Texas Corridor project would have crippled commerce in this state, and contrary to the billing, would have achieved little but to make Texas just another link in the NAFTA chain, bypassed by most of the commerce, its people tasked with the duty to pay for a system of toll roads from which they would see little benefit, but would bring substantial costs.

For these reasons, and a lengthy list of similar problems, I cannot recommend the governor of my state, Texas, to the people of America. It’s not so much that he’s presided over an economy of his creation, so much as the fact that the people of Texas have managed to succeed in spite of him. Given his embellished relation to the relatively good performance of the Texas economy in admittedly hard times, and acknowledging that the damage he might have done, had he been unopposed by a conservative legislature, it’s clear that while Rick Perry might be good for corporatist Washington, he’s not the right choice for America."

Excellent work, Mark... Keep it up!  Read the rest


  1. Saucy,

    Your byline caught my eye and I darted over. I thought I might find something new about Governor Perry. "Conservatives 4 Palin" didn't provide. I love Sarah Palin as much as any other conservative - but I might not go to her supporters for advice on her most potent potential opponent - but that's just me.

    Given the current field of candidates I have been hoping that Perry would throw his Stetson into the ring. I think that being a governor is the best crucible for a presidential candidate.

    "The legislature made him" is certainly a common theme - Clinton's presidency was saved by Speaker Gingrich and Rep. Kasich's budget. Virginia (my home) was largely saved from the ravages of Mark Warner and particularly Tim Kaine by a conservative legislature. As much as we love Governor Bob McDonnell he has made at least one mistake that brought this conservative to anger. Would the Nation's longest serving governor pull a bone-head stunt a time or two? Sure.

    However the two selected; Gardasil and the Trans-Texas corridor are old charges and bear closer scrutiny. The "mandatory" Gardasil injections were in fact optional (takes a simple Google search) and of course there are mandatory vaccinations I assume even in Texas - so it isn't particularly odd. The Trans-Texas corridor is a more complex issue. I can tell you that living in Northern Virginia we would love to have a "Trans-Maryland/Virginia corridor" to solve a myriad of our problems. Hit piece authors generally focus on the road (I saw one piece trumpeting it as an "Illegal Highway to Kansas") - it was of course much more complex than that.

    I work from a home office - I would love ALL of the roads in Virginia to be toll roads so the people that use them pay for them. I never get my money's worth out of my "free" roads. A corridor would also solve many of the battles we have over power-line routing and other things. Several years ago I was trying to get to an office a dozen miles away and it took me 3.5 hours because a freight truck full of gun powder had over turned negotiating the busiest interchange on I-95 - the infamous "mixing bowl." I would have loved a corridor that day as well.

    That's more than I intended to write - but I don't put much credence in a thought piece on someone from his opponent's cheerleaders.

    Keep up the good work!

    How's the winter coming along?

  2. hi Common Snse and thanks for the comments.

    I don't know that much about Perry so I thought these criticms from someone in Texas were interesting.

    I'm sure we can agree the next R potus, if not Palin, needs to be FULLY vetted.

    And I'm sure you would agree Sarah has been fully vetted...

    ... now if we can convince her to run, that would be great - we'll sort it out in the primaries! I want to see a good bunch of candidates and all of their records examined fully.

    Right? Perhaps Rick Perry would be OK if he is smart enough to a) listen to his people and his legislature and b) not be a dictator boy king (like someone we bot know) trying implement a quasi-European-lite socialist state.

    America needs to be restored and 2012 will just be the start of the rightening.

    cheers from a chilly Aug winter in NZ... We've been doing nightly fires in the wood burner and using our electric blankets at night... gets into the 40s but never really freezes in Auckland. A week or so ago there were record snow falls in Christchurch and Wellington... but we didn't get a frost.


  3. Lisa,

    I too am learning about Perry. Some of what I read disturbs my conservatives sensibilities but on closer examination I belive as CS said the best president is always a former governor.

    Recently I was at a wedding and ran into a Texan who I quickly learned was a liberal academic. I asked him what he thought of Gov. Perry and he went into a long and vicious rant about him.

    I'm starting to like Perry.

  4. Saucy,

    I love Sarah Palin - but I think that she's having more impact now than she would as a candidate. Think about it - she can sit at home, dream up a comment that is less than or equal to 140 characters (including spaces) and it will be all over the news the following day. She really is a super star.

    No Democrat could equal that kind of exposure (without including a perverted picture anyway).

    Harry Reid is on the news "Bla, bla, bla, bla" and they interrupt to tell us what Sarah Tweeted to the TEA caucus about the impending vote. It's almost too funny.

    Keep an eye on us in Virginia - we have an election this year. Everyone from School Board up to and including State Senators. We will be a bell-weather for 2012.

    Stay warm - it's going up to 97 (Fahrenheit) here today.

  5. Hardnox, funny about the liberal hating Perry, then he must have some good points, eh?!

    Yes Common Snse, but just think about the larger positive impact she could have doing a massive clean up of the corruption that has infested Washington? Betcha SHE could balance the god damn budget and lower the debt ceiling and stop the communist spending purge...

    I hope she jumps in the mix... in the mean time I continue to dream Mr. & Mrs. bluelips McSpendpants will be escorted out of the people's house in handcuffs and orange jumpsuits... can't wait for those bastards to be out

  6. Saucy,

    I was sitting in our county Republican Headquarters the day after McCain selected Palin. I had been there the previous three days and no one had darkened my door. The day after Palin I had plenty of company. (one does have to wonder how people thought I was going to conjure up "McCain/Plain" bumper stickers in a couple of hours) I saw her power to inspire first hand.

    I'm not entirely sure she can win. I say that with the deepest sense of disappointment in my fellow Americans. But we have a tactical issue now to concern ourselves with if conservatives carve up the vote and Romney skates to victory on the strength of the moderate vote.

    "Taking one for the team" might mean conservatives pushing forward the most electable candidate. I know someone will quote something Rush Limbaugh said one day - but he never ran for office.

    I'm with you on the Obamas - I think that losing an election in a 45 State landslide will hurt him worse than the jump suit. I could live with either result.

  7. I'll vote for a sanitation worker over TheOne... almost ANYONE is better than this guy... but we'll need someone FIERCE to get some easy to do but difficult to swallow tasks to do aka: CORRUPTION CLEAN AISLE 5

    .... let's see if she jumps in the race and what happens next!! :)

  8. I meant "corruption clean up - aisle 5"....

  9. Perry?
    This Texan (and friend of Gunny G) says....uh...NO!
    I would ALMOST vote for McCain before Perry, and I voted for Baldwin in 2008. Palin was the only positive thing in McLame's campaign.

  10. Fish - I saw your profile awhile ago and was curious to ask another Texican what they thought - just hadn't got around to it. Some of our TEA folks have made wild (and inaccurate) accusations. I haven't found anything to be upset about.

    I live in Virginia - just so you know, I voted for Huckabee in our primary. We only had two options at that point - neither one of them was good.

    All the liberals (democrats, socialists, progressives, whatever) have their panties wadded up over his faith - I find that wonderfully refreshing.

    Gardasil and the Trans-Texas Corridor are red-herrings. What have you got on Perry?