Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goldberg: America's Green Quagmire


The "green" war?  Huh?  Jonah Goldberg points out the nonsense in the Federal government's push for "green" jobs and equating it to war...yadda yadda:

"It’s difficult to catalogue all of the problems with this nonsense. For starters, the mission keeps changing. Is the green-energy revolution about energy independence? Or is it about fighting global warming? Or is it about jobs?

For most of the last few years, the White House and its supporters have been saying it’s about all three. But that’s never been true. If we wanted energy independence (and I’m not sure why we would) or if we wanted to reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil (a marginally better proposition, given that Canada and often Mexico supply the U.S. with more oil than Saudi Arabia), we would massively expand our domestic drilling for oil and gas and our use of coal or carbon-free nuclear. That would also create lots of jobs that can’t be exported (you can’t drill for American oil in China, but we can, and do, buy lots of Chinese-made solar panels).

As for the windfall in green jobs, that has always been a con job.

For instance, Barack Obama came into office insisting that Spain was beating the U.S. in the rush for green jobs. Never mind that in Spain — where unemployment is now at 21 percent — the green-jobs boom has been a bust."

"Green jobs, like shovel-ready jobs, proved a myth in no small part because President Obama is eager to talk as if this green stuff were the moral equivalent of war, but he’s not willing or able to do things a real war requires.

What we’re left with is not the moral equivalent of war but the moral equivalent of a quagmire. A very expensive quagmire."

Quagmire indeed, Mr. Goldberg... Read the rest here.



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