Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First since 1939: it snowed in Auckland this week

MAGNOLIA tree blooms THIS week in my yard... noone told them we'd be getting a bit of SNOW!
It hasn't snowed in downtown Auckland since 1939.  Snowfall made the evening news 15-Aug-11 as did the storms which dumped a lot of snow around New Zealand this week.  I'm having deja vu of the last couple of winters here... we've had a couple of mini frosts with wee bit of ice on car windshields overnite, but snow?!  Cue the video evidence:

LOL... cute video of the amazement of snow.  If you've lived in Auckland your whole life, you may have NEVER experienced it before.  Aucklanders can learn to ski INSIDE at "Snow Planet".  (yes, go inside to see the snow... hilarious, isn't it?!...)

Stuff posted a few pictures of Kiwis around NZ enjoying the snow this week.  Today's "short forcast" for NZ?

Cue ominous music - dumm dummm dummmmmm...   NZ doesn't really get "big" snow, but I can tell you since standard NZ homes do NOT have any type of furnaces whatsoever, it does get DARN cold inside.  Last night was 4C overnight... (Have I mentioned the invention of the electric blanket is great?)...

Ok here's another "amazing" video of the HUGE Auckland snow (tee hee):

I wonder if New Zealanders still think "global warming" is occuring?!  (OPEN YOUR EYES KIWIS.. .IT AIN'T GETTING ANY WARMER!)

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  1. Wait for the next rant by the Goreacle! "this is bulls**t, this is bulls**t". Ha, HA...too funny!