Thursday, August 25, 2011

Seal Team 6 deaths: White House muslim appointee complicity?

Trevor Loudon, AJ of & Arlen Williams, contributors: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton & Ann Barnhardt ask some very interesting questions about the recent helicopter take down causing the death of some Seal Team 6 members.

Is the White House complicit?  Is is TIME FOR AN INVESTIGATION?

Some of their questions:

Q: Why did Obama release the identity of SEAL Team Six as the specific team that took out Osama bin Laden? (Never before has a sitting U.S. President done this.)

Q: Did Obama’s appointees know, in advance, that members of SEAL Team Six would be in that chopper at that location when it was taken down by terrorists?

Q: Why were the SEALs in a standard Chinook chopper instead of the Boeing MG-47E/G (the ‘Darkhorse’ which is a SPECOPS Chinook used by SEAL Teams)?

Q: Who ordered the SEALs and SPECOPS troops to use the National Guard Chinook?

Q: After the SEALs and SPECOPS troops were murdered, why did Obama release that information to the public?
Their conclusions: It must be determined whether Obama’s actions and the people with whom he surrounds himself compromised our SEAL Team Six and SPECOPS troops. An investigation of President Obama and his administration must commence immediately.

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  1. I GUAR-AN-TEE that the leak came from the White House to their allies in the Taliban. Oblamo needs their campaign donations.