Tuesday, March 15, 2011

why no looting in Japan?

Because the Japanese culture doesn't see themselves as perpetual "victims" like they do in Haiti or STILL do in New Orleans area after hurricane Katrina... Erroll Phillips at AT discusses a previous Japan earthquake & what DIDN'T happen:

"There was no looting or breaking into food stores

There was no time for trying to blame anyone

There was no one cutting in the front of the line to get water

There were no calls to lawyers

Japans is a lesson for the self deluded victims across the world: take notice. Grow up. YOU are responsible for your OWN situation in life. If a disaster hits? Pull up the bootstraps and move on.


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  2. thanks for the comment anonymous, but the comment by "dissedent aggressor" (gee sounds like a fun and tolerant code name!), I'll take a few minutes to point out Aggressor's incorrect facts and propaganda for you:

    Glenn Beck vs Ed Schultz:

    Glenn does some really good investigative work and presents many facs on his show. Ed Schultz always presents half truths mixed with leftist propaganda. I'm not saying Glenn Beck is perfect at all, but he is a helluva a lot more truthful. But after listening to both men, you choose to believe the propaganda over truth.

    Aggressor doesn't understand why Glenn, and others, have pointed out the response in Haiti and New Orleans vs Japan. The people in Haiti and New Orleans were poor people completely dependent on the government. Japan does not have a huge welfare problem in their culture and if they do, please correct me. Glenn was commenting on this welfare culture and their responses to natural disaster in both Haiti and New Orleans naming rampant looting and blaming others. Japan's people might be picking through garbage for items to help them survive. That is slightly different than breaking into stores for TVs and stereos.

    President Bush was not to "blame" for Hurricane Katrina but all leftist media including the current leftist regime still blame President Bush for everything under the sun instead of looking in the mirror at THEIR own failed policies for the last 50-100 years and especially the last 2 years under a communist-socialist usurper potus.

    America displayed solidarity after 9/11 and in other large scale efforts like WWI and WWII. But since the left has continued to seep into American culture like a cancer attacking many cultural fronts, things are in not so great shape there. However, America is on the road to recovery.

    It is rich for leftist people in NZ to criticize America when all they know is propaganda from leftist media. The critique is from a basis of ignorance.

    The "very people who created the financial meltdown" were the Democrats in congress who had a majority and wouldn't allow President Bush to reign in Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac plus bad Democratic legislation forcing banks to give sub prime loans to poor people who couldn't affort their mortages and the financial housing bubble. Get your facts straight, in ALL cases of problems NOW in the USA they can be traced back to liberal-DEMOCRAT or NON moderate congress, presidents or legislation! President Bush is a patriot but he was not a conservative and many of his mistakes were because he listened to or went along with democrats.

    Does Aggressor mean "generous taxpayer funded handout to Wallstreet" because Obama bailed out so many companies? The taxpayers are NOT happy with the spending spree in Washington. They rebel at the voting box and the TSUNAMI of historic elections gave the USA moderate, conservative Republicans voted in across the USA in record proportions. It will take time, but America will recover.

    Aggressor and all NZ leftists are wrong about America in many, many ways. These are just a few examples.

    NZ has its own economic and social welfare mentality problems to deal with... and it will get worse until NZ figures out you can't spend your way into prosperity and allow so many people on the dole and not working and contributing to society. In Japan, they understand that lesson already.