Sunday, March 13, 2011

summer fun at the Kumeu show today

I know the world is experiencing all sorts of natural disasters, earth quakes, tsunamis, nuclear reactor failures, volcanoes blowing their tops, floods, murders, jihadist bombings, middle east overthrowing and general mayhem stuff all over the place ... and

"Whatever else one might say about President Obama's Libya policy, it has succeeded brilliantly in achieving its oft-stated goal of not leading the world."
- - - - -
Well, I just couldn't really be all that bothered about much of this stuff today... as we went to a county fair type of event called the Kumeu Show.

It was lovely summer weather and everyone was having a great time.
- ran into our niece and her friend also watching the log-saw competition.
- chatted up a guy showing off his award winning Alpacas.
- ate french fries and slurped some ice cream.
- saw the hunter/jumper equestrian competition.
- heard the brass band playing tunes.
- strolled by various booths of food, goods, art, animals and new Ford trucks for sale

The rest of the world can go to hell on their own it always does... but I had fun at the fair today...

this way to ... carnival area

cow needs watering by nicely dressed owner

men log-sawing competition

various colors of Alpacas

equestrian rider clears an event jump

very, very big pumpkins ... for kids to crawl on

... and some sheep racers take a break


  1. I envy you...that looks like a beautiful way to spend a day and forget, for a little while, all of the craziness going on in the world.

  2. hi Bubba... yep its lovely down here in general!