Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The entitlement party: U R not invited but U have to pay

Image from Tent Trash

Do you have your certificate of entitlement? If you can't read the above it says:

"This certifies the holder of the certificate as "hooked up" for life including no more work, free days with no need for a full-time job and enternal Jerry Springer watching and plenty of cash from Uncle Obama. There is no need to worry about responsibility and accountability. Obama has your back!

The certificate entitles you to do nothing and get everything. If anyone complains just yell the word "Racist" or use the other key phrase "I am disenfranchised" and as a last result scream "evil white male" in a crowded theatre and all will be well. All information and statements contained herein are true and correct."

American leftists sure think they are entitled. J.McQuillan AT discusses in The Entitled Party:

"(TheUrkel) and the left wing of the Democratic Party think they are entitled to win. From our narcissistic President to screaming union organizers, they are puffed up with self-righteous zeal. They must have health care to save the sick, they must shut down Louisiana oil rigs to save the planet, they must defend government unions to save the middle class.

Of course, each side thinks they are right. Being right is no excuse. You have to abide by the law, you have to abide by elections, you have to respect the courts and constitutional separation of power, or else we no longer live in a democratic country. In our democracy, no one is entitled to win. If you won't lose, you cannot have democracy."

And just why does entitlement spending have to be reigned in? Just check out below chart. You CAN NOT spend your way out of debt. Period.

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