Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lone TEA party patriot Elliot Fladen takes on mob...and wins

A brilliant, educated American youth - takes on a few hundred Denver union protestors... and wins. Excellent!

Hattip: Gateway Pundit "Elliot Fladen, graduate of Stanford Law School and Northwestern University with Economics Major and proud Libertarian Unilaterally defends Tea Party views against angry Union Member Protesters in Denver, Colorado, Saturday, February 26, 2011."


  1. Fladen makes some great points but I doubt they resonated with the useful idiots in the crowd. The left has their talking points and are stuck on stupid.

    I am glad that the state police stepped in. It looked like the lefties were about to get physical. Good call on the troopers.

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  3. @Hardnox, you're right they are stuck on stupid and yes, cops were smart to step in as raving lunatics approached the patriot. But didn't you love how 1 voice of truth drowned out their blathering calls of "facist" or "shut up" or "f&k you"... name calling isn't a very strong arguement, is it?!

    @soni, thanks for stopping by

  4. cheers Elliot... thanks for stopping by! keep up the great work, mate

    you have a fan in NZ