Friday, March 25, 2011

Reform New Zealand

This site is interesting. What is Reform New Zealand all about? 30 January 2011

"Reform New Zealand is a rapidly growing group of concerned Kiwis who care deeply about the future of New Zealand and New Zealanders.

New Zealand's growing dependence on the state has created a weakened society where many people complain that the gap between rich and poor is growing wider.

What many fail to recognise is that our very dependence on the state has created this situation – so increasing this state dependence will cause the gap to increase even further.

State dependency is like a drug or alcohol addiction, it weakens the natural will of people to improve their lot in life, for no other reason than they know no better way, nor are they given any incentive to change.

Ask yourself…..

Why are thousands of our young people being forced to sit at home on the dole getting $160 a week, when they should be working in an entry level job earning $300 a week? Our minimum wage legislation denies them the opportunity to gain a work ethic, support the country and widens the gap between rich and poor.

Does a government that creates and maintains these problems under the guise of “a caring and sharing society” actually care more for its citizens or its ideology?'
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  1. You are on a hiding to nothing if you believe so called middle class kiwis would vote for the Reform party.
    All National and Labour have to do is point out to the mug punters ( voters) that under the Reform party they will be paying the full cost of sending their children to school and university, that will work like a charm, not true, sorry but after Douglas and Richardson no right wing politicians will be trusted for a long time.

    The minimum wage, why does the USA have a minimum wage ?

    We heard this thirty years ago, we have to sell off the family silver cheaply so we can catch Australia, did not work.

    I have no problem with Libertarians, in fact I would give them a choice, pay no taxes at all and use NO services provided by taxpayer funds, roads, water, phone,hospitals, schools, no jobs with any outfit that has taxpayer funding.
    I am yet to meet a libertarian who will tale that offer :-)

  2. interesting feedback anonymous... Parents should pay for their children's education eg college - parents everywhere else in the world do! there are scholarships to be had for assistance - or loans... Oh, here in NZ they have interest free loans, right? Paid for by taxpayers, right? That is just dumb... College loans should be from banks and kids should pay interest. REFORM is needed there!

    There should be some type of minimum or starting wage - depending on the markets. For teenagers, what are the jobs? Waiters or fast food places, eh... everyone has to start somewhere and ususally the wage is low. That is a fact of life no matter what country you live in.

    But if NZ kids get free (!?!) college education, this education should be a) in subjects which will benefit NZ and b) NOT just in artsy-fartsy subjects...

    One thing NZ should do more of is internships at companies - paid for by the companies not government.

    NZ expects government to do "everything" and that is why NZ is in such bad financial shape! ... just my $.02

  3. I agree the government does too much and yes I have no time for so called arty farty degrees at all, if the government is dishing money out it should be dished out to all eighteen years olds, not just those taking degrees.
    We should fund the degrees we need, then bond them for ten years,no bond, no funding at all.
    As for those taking art they can pay the full cost with money from the bank.

    The minimum wage an interesting one that, one of my nephews is sixteen and over six foot and 200lb, now he works in a supermarket doing shelving amd because of his size he is capable and quick so is on top money for the work.

    At times he works with a couple of adult women who believe it is unfair he gets paid more than them.
    Interesting that, should women expect the same pay for physical work if their output is lower ?

  4. anonymous: NZ government needs to STOP "dishing out money" perior, anonymous... or NZ will go broke... it already has to borrow lots of money NOW!

    As far as the larger person doing a better job? Yes that person should get paid MORE. Of course...