Thursday, March 10, 2011

may an evil pox befall everything Michael Moore says or does

Why does anyone, anywhere on planet earth even listen to the continual lies that rich "film maker" Michael Moore says? He, along with all the leftist liars, are flipping damn tiring. May an evil, contagious and itchy pox befall them all.

He was trying to help mobilize Wisconsin union protestors? Give me a break. Get a clue Michael. Your ideology and your person stink to high heavan. Everything that spews out of your mouth is vomitous hogwash.

If I was a witch, he could consider himself cursed beyond all repute. May he never ever be able to even find his 1 inch wee little wiglet weeny underneath his rash infested bloated blob of a body.

He should be banned... or sent to live in Cuba, all travel visas revoked and all monetary funds frozen and given equally to all states in the USA to fund new childrens books with accurate American history.


Steve McCann at AT notes Moore wants to Confiscate Americans' Wealth to Pay Government Workers?:

"Michael Moore and his fellow-travelers in the American version of the Socialist/Marxist cabal have picked up the mantle of defending public unionism in their demonstrations in Madison, Wisconsin and other state capitals. They are vocally calling for more confiscation of the wealth of the rich to pay for the bloated incomes of government workers and openly stating that all wealth belongs to the state while their true motives are deliberately obfuscated."

"There is an old adage: "always follow the money." The Left, despite their protestations that they always have the best interests of the people at heart, have only their own interests at heart. It is their individual income stream and their massive egos which must be fed, and there is not enough private funding to do so. Therefore it must come from the public coffers whether directly from government programs or indirectly through compulsory public sector union dues."

appropriate comment by Bobdog on AT Mar 09, 06:51 AM:

"Moore knows that what he proposes is hogwash. It's not about confiscating wealth at all. It never has been. A 30 second look at every movie he's ever done and every pathetic speech he's ever given has a consistent theme: it's about giving the illiterate proletariat in the labor movement something to hate. It's always Us against Them. Always about confrontation and agitation. You hear the same meme from Obama's White House, the Justice Department, HUD, the liberals in Congress, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Louis Farrakhan, Jessee Jackson, Al Sharpton, the liberal media. There's always a boogieman, an e-vill injustice to be righted, some real or conjured up slight to be redressed, an angry movement to cheer. Without something to hate, a mob is worthless, the shouting stops, and people start thinking for themselves again. Can't have that. Got to stir the pot and keep people so riled up they don't mind giving up their income to go protest the grievance of the day and make somebody miserable. Every once in a while, you got to take to the streets and get a little bloody. It's not really about money. It's about power."

HOGWASH INDEED bobdog, great comment

A FrontPage 2006 article describes Moore's full bore hogwash thoroughly and accurately and sums up with:

"Interestingly, with liberals, it’s the opposite. Liberal hypocrites oftentimes improve their lives when they’re hypocrites. For example, Michael Moore is better off because, instead of buying into his own rhetoric and avoiding corporations, he’s wealthier because he invests in them...

The point is that liberal principles oftentimes are bad for you. They take away your rights, they take away your freedoms, and they end up hurting your prosperity. At the end of the day, what this hypocrisy teaches us is not just about the failures of the icons of the liberal left, also something about their ideas, and that is that people on the liberal left, when it comes to the things that matter most in their own lives, do not trust those things to their own ideas."


  1. Lisa,

    Well done. The left is shameless. I am certain that liberalism is a mental disorder for which there is no cure.

  2. thx Hardnox... could be it is just because they know so much that is not true

    ... or something genetically off

    definitely permanently wrong though, eh