Monday, March 14, 2011

Islamic extremists want USA's statue of liberty torn down

2008 cartoons from

A fun and tolerant group calling itself "Sharia 4 America" wants the USA's Statue of Libery torn down... because it offends them. Patriot Action Network discusses here.

For pete's sake, what the h3ll doesn't offend this tribe of extemist barbarian dolts? Hey all you "moderate" and "peaceful" Muslims, you need to speak up JUST a WEE bit more and denounce all the jihadis in your gangs world wide...


  1. If they denounced the terrorists, the denouncers would no longer be Muslim. It is kinda their whole religion to kill non-Muslims, you know?

  2. Let's denounce all evil people, shall we?

    I believe there still is a difference between good and evil in this world... isn't there?

    Have you seen the lovely story of a Palestinian Muslim breaking in and stabbing to death a family of 5 in Israel this week? A 3 month old baby was stabbed to death... Then to "celebrate", Palestinians were handing out sweets and candies in "joy" about these murders...

    Who does these acts?

    Islamic extremists = EVIL

    thanks for stopping by Paul