Thursday, February 11, 2010

Palin needs help? She seems OK to me

Remember when Sarah resigned and Dem/progressive pundits all claimed she was toast (politically), irrelevant or some other criticism? (and Dems care about helping Repubs.... riiiiiiight)
Good commentary from John Zeigler in response to a progressive snarking "Sarah needs help".
"Sarah Palin obviously “needs help.” If she had been able to heed some of this advice earlier she might be far better off than she is today when, six months after being written off, she:
  • Is the most famous woman in American political history;
  • Has more money both personally and politically than she probably knows what to do with;
  • Has found a place in public life that has largely ended the attacks on her family;
  • Is the most sought after public speaker/endorser in all of politics;
  • Has more influence over the media’s agenda than anyone but the president;
  • Appears to now be completely immune to media attacks;
  • Is the leader in just about every poll for the Republican presidential nomination and has a virtually unfiltered platform on by far the largest cable news channel;
  • Is perceived by many as the leader of the most potent grassroots movement in modern American political history;
  • Is the author of the most purchased political book in recent times; and
  • Has all of this while not having to answer to anyone and has no actual responsibilities other than to her family. "

I agree with John... seems like she's doing just fine

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