Sunday, February 28, 2010

February in the yard

Yes, we garden here in NZ in February.

Today: Samson has a quick afternoon snooze in backyard

Newly planted pink Hibiscus seems to be doing OK.
This is 3rd Hibiscus in my letterbox garden.
Also have peach & yellow ones growing.

Got recent snap of this large NZ dragonfly (Uropetala carovei).
Mr. Dragonfly partially ate a baby Weta

About 2 weeks ago, said 'Hi' to this large snail near shed.
There are 1400+ species of snails in NZ! :-)
Sorry U.S.A. peeps.
I read NY area had 2 feet of snow this week? (yikes!)
Hint: Feb is great time for a summer holiday in NZ
jes sayin'

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