Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cats are carnivorous if you hadn't noticed

for when you need cat humor


  1. Hi Lisa,

    I saw your post on gatewaypundits about Scott B., where you said "Lamestream media is always photo shopping Mrs. Obumbles." I tend to think biased, insulting language (i.e.: Lamestream, Obumbles) makes it more difficult for people to think clearly. We certainly see this with liberals, and I think it applies to conservatives also.

    However, what appears worse is that you probably know the claim "always photo shopping" is untrue, and reasonable people who might otherwise agree with you are forced to oppose your position on the principle that making false statements, using biased language, and name-calling are wrong.

    Applauding Scott B. for deliberately provoking liberal "loons" then fighting against them seems as poorly thought-out as waging a war on terror that creates ten terrorists for every one that is killed.

  2. Hi Burnt,
    I get your point. I've seen WAY too many photo shopped photos of FLOTUS and POTUS. I think they have to photoshop the current woman in the W.House since her butt is too big and she is very unattractive. This is my opinion.

    So you are correct I probably shouldn't have used the word "always", but how about I substitute "most of the time", would that suit you? After all, I want to please everyone with my opinions and would never want to offend anyone. (bullocks)

    Um, "liberalism" used to meant something good, but Democrats in America have been infiltrated by 'many' communists, marxists, socialists and facists (note I didn't say ALL). Because of this infiltration into government, hollywood and the education system, the majority of indenpendent minded conservative thinking Americans HAVE TO FIGHT BACK and speak their mind. That is what I am doing (duh).

    I do not believe opinions on blogsites are subject to being LEGALLY 100% - unless perhaps they are taking in money. I don't take in any money, my site eg, is just MY OPINIONS plus lots of facts thrown in. We ARE allowed to express OPINIONS in a Western society, or didn't you get the memo?

    I'll leave you with this statement: ALL BHO's baby pictures have been photo shopped.

    Prove me wrong.

    As far as name calling? Well I'm compiling a great list of what normal-yet-now-thoroughly-disgusted Americans and others call "the one".

    Stay tuned for a follow up post on name calling which I'm sure you'll enjoy!

    Until then, I will NOT call the current person in the W.House POTUS as he is a putative potus or a usurper.

    Prove me wrong, there, too.

    see ya

  3. "Tim Hawkins"...funny dude,indeed! plus "cheezurger",also!).And,besides,The Clean band,there was the Jean Paul Sartre Experience band,as well.Great band from NZ.And I recommend "TOTUS" blog ("Telepromtper of the US")

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  5. Thanks TJones, I've seen the TOTUS blog (very funny)... thanks for dropping by

    Tigerzhou... very mysterious! Got good intel? I recommend: make copies, hide the original for safe keeping somewhere (very) safe and send your copies (of whatever you are talking about) off to the American embassy, CIA or FBI... and maybe a couple of honest lawyers: Mario Apuzzo comes to mind. Good luck with that... ta