Saturday, February 6, 2010

Brit blogger has 10 apologies Oboy should make

"The Top 10 Apologies Barack Obama should make to the world"

Nile Gardener 3-Feb-2010

"The first year of Barack Obama’s (putative) presidency was marked by a series of embarrassing and groveling apologies for his country on the world stage. From his apology to the French for America’s supposed “arrogance”, to his massive mea culpa before the Muslim world in Egypt, President Obama succeeded in elevating national humiliation into an art form.

In his second year, I would strongly encourage the president to stop apologising for his country, and project more pride in his great nation’s past. The United States, together with Great Britain, have done more to advance the cause of liberty and freedom on the world stage than any other nations in history."

1. Apology to the British people
2. Apology to allies in Eastern and Central Europe
3. Apology to Iranian Dissidents
4. Apology to the victims of Communism
5. Apology to the victims of the Sudan genocide
6. Apology to the people of Honduras
7. Apology to the Israeli people
8. Apology to pro-democracy forces in Venezuela
9. Apology to the Dalai Lama
10. Apology to Chinese dissidents

Read the reasons why.

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