Thursday, October 29, 2009

Radio live touches on USA news trickling in to NZ

News radio here in NZ can be good. It usually depends on the host. Maggie Barry is good and asks her guests tough questions. I like that in a reporter.

Maggie, pictured above, is on when I'm driving home around 5pm+. Yesterday some USA news about the W.House dissing on Fox News trickled down to NZ. Maggie wondered why the USA W.House would do that. She also called Fox News a republican news channel and then spoke to some USA news contact she has (then went on to talk to Bill English).

Her contact did not really give her the correct answers but wasn't too far off in his assessment the W.House was trying to divert attention from the health care debate.
The current W. House wants to ALWAYS divert public attention from what they are really trying to accomplish with their shiny new "hope and change" better known as an old re-packaged, warn out marxist, communist agenda.
This morning I emailed Maggie to explain the Fox News "fight" is a) just Alinsky tactic #5 and the W.House follows Alinsky and b) she was not correct - Fox is not "Republican": Shep Smith, Geraldo Rivera and Bill O'Reilly are on the left side, not right.

The W.House is angry, though, that Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity have called them out on just SOME of the obvious corruption going on there, oh like Valerie Jarrett's endoresments of Van Jones or looming large ACORN scandals (hello, country wide voter fraud and charges brought in several areas already? nice...).

Well, gee whiz, people. That is what the "media" is supposed to do! If there is corruption, "news media" is supposed to report it.

Kudos to Fox's Beck and Hannity for doing actual investigative work and reporting on it.

The W.House will also make up any type of crisis these days to hide whatever else they are NOT actually doing lately: like GOVERNING. Oh, war in Afghanistan, troops dying and hand picked general needs decisions? Oh, let's go play golf instead and diss on Fox News. Let's not actually pretend to know anything about actual "governing" and let's just stay in perpetual campaign mode. We can keep fooling all the USA citizens, right? (wrong PINO, we're on to you and yours buddy)....

Going back to Maggie who talked to Bill English asking him about his recent housing reimbursement "scandal". Bill English has paid back some of his legal allowances since he does not want the perception of being bad with finances since he is the finance minister. So good on Bill English then! The auditor general has found Mr. English hasn't done anything wrong. I liked how Maggie pressed Mr. English for accountability though: good on her!

All politicians should be held accountable. It is cool how Mr. English, current NZ Prime Minister John Key or other high level leaders will call in and talk to the hosts on Radio Live. The NZ politicians seem to understand how to keep in touch with the people of NZ.

That is a good thing.

The current USA W.House is so far out of touch with the majority of Americans right now it is not even funny.

Nope, not funny at all ...

I emailed Maggie a few links to what is going on in the USA. I think I'll keep giving her tidbits so she can really understand what is going on over there. It is a mess...

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