Friday, October 23, 2009

Conservative may win congressional seat in NY

Go to to support his candidacy as a conservative running for congress in New York
Comments from Canada Free Press:
Canastota, New York—There is a Congressional race going on in New York at the moment, with national, even international, implications. This race looks to be a watershed moment in America’s conservative/patriotic movement.

Both the Democratic and Republican candidates, endorsed by their respective parties, are being rejected by a growing number of disenchanted voters, from both sides of the political spectrum.
Scozzafava’s endorsement by Newt Gingrich and the RNC, has many party faithful “jumping ship,” and campaigning for Hoffman—as are many disgruntled Democrats.
It would seem that patriotism, fiscal responsibility, and conservative values, trump party loyalty for many voters.
Update: both Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman endorse Doug Hoffman... go Doug!

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