Thursday, October 1, 2009

Found Feeny over at America's Right

John Feeny, who's above book "Congress shall make no law" (which I'm really thinking of getting) had great blog called "The Conservative Resistance".

I was a bit alarmed though, a couple weeks ago, when I last looked at this blog, most of his posts and archives were gone. WTF...? The next day, it was gone, zappo, non-existent.
DAMN, I thought, they got John, oh no! I really wasn't sure what happened. Who deleted his blog? Was it zapped by hackers? Did men in dark sun glasses abduct him and wipe his computer clean? (not that I'm feeling a tad paranoid or anything...)
I was enjoying his blog and had even made a couple comments. John F was kind enough to leave me a comment back to me here on my rinky dink blog. I had felt honored...

Alas - today I was HAPPY! I FOUND JOHN!

Well... OK, not really.... technically, Jeff Schreiber found him. Now, Mr. Feeny is writing over at America's Right. Really cooooool! I'm super GLAD you're OK John F.

Here is a snippet from his column "Adult Strength and Adolescent Weakness":

Those on the far left do not, on principle, acknowledge the natural freedom and social Darwinism that are indirectly written into the foundation of our country. To do so would require them to step over the threshold into adulthood and accept the inherent responsibilities that go with that commitment. For some reason, it seems to be a much more acceptable course to deal with their adolescent insecurities and inability to deal with the "cool kids" by waging an unending war against their tormentors, either those on the playground or their parents in the house. And this time they’re hell-bent on getting their own way.

Excellent... Will keep an eye out for future stuff by JF at AR.

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  1. Hey, there Lisa -
    Yes, I'm ok. You weren't too far off, however. There was an incident where I work - and I won't go into absorbetent detail, not so much to keep info confidential as to refrain from boring you -but, suffice it to say, a far-left loon who works here decided that he was ticked because I apparently had the temerity to have my say and have it published. So, what did my wonderful colleagues of 16 years do? Rather than try to bring us together to talk like adults - perish the idea of maturity and professionalism - they decided to bring me into the office for writing -are you ready? - wait for it - a 'hateful' book.
    When I asked them if they'd read it, they all looked at me and said they hadn't.

    Of course not. Beautiful.

    Believe me when I tell you, there's not a single thing in that book that could even remotely be interpreted as hateful...I discuss my Catholic faith intermittently, I discuss that the fact that there needs to be tolerance from all people and towards all people, and hell - the one or two times when I swear I even 'BLEEP' it out. What it came down to was that they decided that going on the defensive was the easier course of action, which is exactly what one of the chapters is about, in that always taking the easier, defensive way out of situations is what ultimately backs everything up and leads to real trouble.

    The funny part was that I pointed out to them that this little 'mental beat down' that they organized was exactly what my book is about, which drove them to distraction. They insisted that I take my blog down(I'm not sure how they even knew about it...I kinda took it as a compliment), so I just laughed it off. I just communicated with Jeff and he was glad to take me on board. I suppose, if they find that article, they'll accuse me of being 'hateful' for that too. If these people weren't so dangerous, they'd be a good laugh over a beer.

    I'll have another article in tomorrow, I think. Thanks for the support.