Tuesday, October 27, 2009

H1N1 is NOT a "flu"

The Swine Flu (aka 'H1N1)
That's Not A Flu At All
Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD

The current Swine "flu" pandemic began in La Gloria, a pig-farming village in the Veracruz mountains of Mexico. Surely, if any place could unlock the true nature of the cause of the 2009 Pandemic, it would be found in La Gloria, whose villagers were certain that they were sickened by the surrounding pig farms, which they accused of polluting their air and water with pig waste. This is much like what happened in Haskell County, Kansas in 1918, original site of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918.
But Enrique Sanchez, top official from Mexico's Agriculture Department, could not find H1N1 in mucous samples taken from the pigs several weeks later, on April 30th. Common bacteria were also tested for. However no studies were done to rule out Swine tuberculosis which is predominantly avian and to a lesser extent bovine, and could have also accounted for the wholesale "respiratory" problems the villagers were experiencing.
Mexican health officials, overlooking the La Gloria situation initially, downplayed it, much as health officials everywhere are prone to do. Yet of 43 villagers whose mucous samples were taken, only one, a 5-year-old boy, was confirmed as having Swine Flu. So head investigator from the Biotechnology Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico there, Dr. Carlos Arias, told the AP:
"I cannot understand it. I could almost bet that there were more infections related to the virus."
Soon, more than half of La Gloria's 3,000 residents fell ill with FLU-LIKE illness, etiology unknown. 450 of the sickest of these where treated not with anti-virals such as Tamiflu, but with antibiotics and masks. What was the diagnosis handed out? Why it was "acute respiratory infections", and by the time the mucous results came through in early April, most of the villagers had recovered, the more serious cases on antibiotics alone. The "virus" seemed to have left their systems.

On June 3rd, 2009 in Global Research, a curious article by F. William Engdahl appeared, entitled "Sarkozy's Secret Plan for Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination". In it Engdahl plainly stated that "The only problem with the Swine Flu (H1N1) Vaccine, is that to date, neither WHO nor the US Government's Center for Diseases Control (CDC) have succeeded to isolate, photograph with an electron microscope, or chemically classify the H1N1 Influenza A virus". Furthermore there was no scientifically published evidence that French virologists have done so either. Therefore, mentioned Engdahl, "To mandate a vaccination for a putative (supposed or assumed to exist) disease that has never been characterized, is dubious to say the least."


  1. I had no idea any of this. very good information. undoubtedly learn a lot reading and even more so when such interesting topics as pandemic.

  2. thank you for commenting hair loss and anonymous... There is more information out there on the blogosphere about it. I would be very wary of a vaccine the current American regime pushes on the population... very wary.

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