Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BHO's crime against America

The emperor has no clothes...
This ROCKED so am reposting just a few snippets. Entire article at: National Writer's Syndicate.

Obama/Soetoro’s Treason, Deceit and High Crime Against America

In place of reporting news as it breaks in an unbiased fashion, the media promotes big government while actively suppressing newsworthy events that contradict the progressive political narrative. In other words, the media has garnered scant public trust, like its messiah, Barack Hussein Obama; a.k.a. ‘the emperor with no clothes’. Whereas the media repeats government-issued talking points regaling the resplendent aura of this self-appointed emperor, we the people see naught but naked arrogance.
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In a recent round table discussion at Fox news, Ann Coulter labeled anyone concerned over Obama’s lack of natural born citizen status as a “crank” and further excoriated supporters in a vitriolic column. My advice to Governor Huckabee who also paid lip service to the eligibility slap down, is to do a little research next time beyond simply reading the Fox news memo banning further discussion. If he had, he would have learned that the initial case filed regarding Obama’s ineligible status was done so by Hillary Clinton supporter, Philip Berg. Once Clinton accepted the position as U.S. Secretary of State, Berg backed down. All I can say is that the pressure from above must really be something to shut Coulter down.
Interesting observation about Ms. Coulter now, isn't it...? the whole article is worth a read
hey, mommy, why doesn't the emperor have any clothes on?

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