Friday, November 23, 2012

things I'm thankful for

pix from last weekend hiking in Waitakere Ranges near our house
Things I am thankful for:
- courage by someone who chose adoption for me instead of abortion
- kindness from parents who raised, loved me fully as their own child
- hard work, generosity from my father so his wife could stay home and raise 3 adopted daughters
- top notch public high school education at one of the best schools in the United States
- close and extended family members who weave fun, laughter and caring into my life
- blissful rhythyms of daily life shared with a kind, joyful best friend husband
- love from current, past domestic pets
- snowy Christmas eve dinners at dad's and frantic Christmas day meals at mom's
- hot, sunny summer camping trips to EAA Osh Kosh Wisconsin airshows
- ability to distinguish logic, truth from lies, propaganda
- problem finding skills, inner ambition and a fruitful software technology career
- appreciation of beauty in nature, animals
- indoor plumbing and electricity
- chemical engineers, business who provide cheap, reliable, safe medicine
- living in a modern western society and enjoying benefits of a multitude of glorious technological advances
- grocery stores
- worldwide travel, creating a lovely new home in NZ
- rational skills to tackle ups and downs of life: I've had WAY more ups than downs
- being myself
- capacity to learn
- freedom
- capitalism
- low taxes
thank you God, Universe, family and friends for my many blessings
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours America


  1. Thank you America, otherwise we would all be speaking Japanese.