Wednesday, November 7, 2012

RIP America 6-Nov-2012

From commenter Stallion at PJMedia:

"The America I grew up in died tonite.
Between the deliberate lack of immigration reform/action, the monstruous increase in entitlements to maximize the number of potential voters on the dole, and a cynical (but apparently correct) belief that the American public could be distracted by histrionics because they were no longer a serious, practical, responsible and thoughtful people but a silly, vain and corrupted mob, the left won.
Just look at Massachusetts. There was NO REASON for Elizabeth Warren to get more than 10 or 15 votes. But this hypocritical deceiver, completely unqualified professionally or ethically for public office, WON ANYWAY.

At both the state and federal level, America is utterly, irrecoverably bankrupt. Yet confronted with financial ruin, those who were getting ‘gimmedats’ chose to be oblivious. When given the opportunity to show the same sense and fortitude that their parents, grandparents and greatgrandparents did, a slim majority instead decided to vote like…………Greece.
Or Spain.
Or Italy.

The Left will now believe they have UNSTOPPABLE power. They do, when you think about it. The media BELONGS TO THEM. Thus, no crime they commit, no abuse, no evil that they do will be of any consequence. Through replacement of soon to retire judges, the Supreme Court will become a think tank of Socialist Law, reshaping America at will and treating the constitution like a ‘living document.’

Will we see higher taxes? Yes. Much higher. Will that hurt the economy, and enslave the producers even more to the bought and paid for portion of the voting public on the dole, on behalf of their democrat masters? Yup.

And what of freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press? The left will now seek to impose the Fairness doctrine, so that websites like this one will be forced to dilute their message or be driven off the net. The Catholic Church will be forced to do much more than just pay for and support abortions and give out contraceptives. And there will be NO hesitation to savage, ridicule, ostracize and persecute those who publish any material or issue any statement which is not in line with the government’s agenda – after all, to disagree with the federal government will now officially become an antisocial, greedy, RACIST act.

The Left will now entrench itself in Washington the way it has in Chicago for the last 50 years.
And how will this be perceived overseas?

Simple. Only the most deliberately deluded cannot see that the leadership of China and Russia don’t just dislike Obama – they hold him in utter contempt. Japan, Germany, France, India, South Korea – they all see the same incompetence and weakness. American patents and trademarks will become irrelevant and indefensible. A crippled military will be unable to defend the increasing amount of energy America will have to import because of an ideological taboo on developing vast oil, coal and gas resources domestically. We will be viewed and treated as impotent and worthy of only slight regard. All the consequences to us – economically and politically – will be disastruous.
It’s time to get ready for the aftermath. See to your loved ones. Hell is coming towards this country on a swift horse. After this conflagration passes, there won’t be an America left that any of us will recognize. "

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