Saturday, November 10, 2012

answer: teach the children

Saving America can only be accomplished by teaching her children.  If you want a society with people who cherish freedom and who have morality, you have to teach truth, history, morals and ethics instead of "feel good-ism".

This video is making the rounds.  These are Chicago kids - "Obama supporters celebrate: no more Israel", behold how smart THESE voters are:

From LegalInsurrection, the same art student goomba in above video was also captured saying "“government is not the problem, government is the help.” - because he wants money for his college arts degree (because all those companies are hiring only artists with college degrees - because art is more official that way ....errr... or something.... I'm scratching my head trying to understand the illogicalness!...)

As per many sites and discussions going on; this article on why O won from Gary Aminoff at AT explans exactly what kids are being taught in schools since the 1960s hippies took over public education - THIS is what YOU are up against if you want to save America:

"How is it that we have raised one or two generations of uneducated Americans? The answer, my friend, is not blowing in the wind. The answer lies in the curricula of our schools.

For the past several months, in my capacity in the Republican Party, I have been speaking at middle schools and high schools around Los Angeles. It has been very enlightening. I love engaging with children. Most of them are very bright and ask brilliant questions. The questions give me insights into what they are most concerned about. It also makes clear what they are taught -- by either their parents or their teachers, or both.

To summarize -- children, for the most part, believe the following:
a) Republicans care about only the rich -- the top 1% -- and don't care about anyone else.
b) Republicans hate people of color and especially Latinos.
c) Republicans hate gays.
d) Republicans are racist.
e) It is the government that provides jobs. (I have asked that question many times in classrooms or assemblies. "Who is it that creates jobs in America?" The answer is invariably, without hesitation, "the government.")
f) Corporations are bad, and profits are very bad. Business shouldn't make profits; they should give any excess money they make to their employees.
g) Taxes are good; they provide the money for the government to take care of people.
h) Government should expand and take care of everyone in the country.
i) America, rather than being a force for good in the world, has been a force for evil.
j) Government has an unlimited source of funds. (When I ask, "Where is the government going to get the money to do all these things you want it to do?," the answer is "taxes.") These children will soon be voters. How is it, in America, that we are raising children to believe that bigger government is better, that government is the engine that provides jobs, that profits are bad, that Republicans care about only the rich, that we are racist, and that we hate minorities and gays. "

So, don't want America to go full communist?  Start with saving the children.  Too optimistic for you, then I'll also mention Ted Nugent, and many others, have figured out it might just be too late though... with his tweet:

"Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters hav a president to destroy America"

.... Ummm, yep, that too!


  1. Hello Lisa, how are things down under cutie. The post was good, but I think the majority of Liberalization into our education system is a huge problem at the college level. Before that? The parents need to take responsibility. Maybe kids can read more books than play on XBOX. In case you didn't catch this little beauty from back home, check this out. Chicago is now going to be rewarding bad parenting at tax payer expense. And the beat goes on.

  2. Boy, does that AT blue bit sum up my education in Oz in the Seventies and Eighties, just replace the word with "Republican" with "conservative". If it's taken that many decades to reach the point where we are now, it will take at least that many to return.

    J.O.B., rewarding criminals is what government does these days. In Oz, we have the Baby Bonus: A one-off payment to any mother when she pops a sprog, regardless of her marital status or age. It started off as $3k, went up to $5K and has only recently been cut back down to $3K. Well, no surprises in guessing that we've had a baby boom amongst the most disadvantaged in the community, and the resulting kids are now filling up juvie. But hey, it employs more bureaucrats ... who'll vote to keep themselves in a job.

  3. hi JOB, yep, gotta re-take the education if you want to keep America alive... ideas matter!

    Hey Big Island, cheers mate - thanks for the comments from you both!